Historical Journey to Scottsdale

Many visitors to the Scottsdale area may not immediately think of the historic aspects of this city during their trip. However, Scottsdale features an abundance of historical attractions that will delight any history lover. Here is how to plan for your own historical journey to Scottsdale: Desert Botanical Garden To understand the history of how Scottsdale was first founded, you need to dig into the importance of the local flora....

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Natural Attractions Near Scottsdale

When most travelers think of Scottsdale, they think of the extravagant lifestyle one can have here. Scottsdale is home to several different exciting activities and attractions. Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of Scottsdale is the natural attractions surrounding the city. The natural beauty surrounding Scottsdale is unreal. Camelback Mountain Perhaps one of the most famous natural attractions in Scottsdale is Camelback Mountain. This local attraction can be seen...

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Enjoy a Vacation to Scottsdale While Working Remotely

Due to the pandemic, many non-essential workers have been working from home to help limit the spread of the virus. Working remotely has plenty of benefits but can also be a drag when you are inside the same home day after day. Break away from the ordinary and enjoy a vacation where you can still work remotely. Not only can you save your PTO days, but you can also enjoy...

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Summer Scottsdale Activities to Look Forward to

The arrival of summer is often marked by planning a fantastic getaway to a sunny destination. This year, when you’re ready to set your sights on a warm and scenic escape, be sure to make Scottsdale your final travel destination. Known and loved for everything from great golf courses and spas to breathtaking landscapes and inspiring architecture, Scottsdale brings the variety you crave from an unforgettable vacation. Here are a...

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Online Resources for At-Home Entertainment

If you are like us, you are probably used to enjoying time outdoors during the lovely Arizona spring season. However, the COVID-19 crisis has closed all non-essential businesses across the state and halted travel. Luckily, the internet can provide you with all sorts of at-home entertainment tailored to your interests. Here are some things you can enjoy while waiting for nationwide lockdowns to end: Scottsdale Public Library For those who...

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Your Scottsdale Labor Day Weekend Vacation

Turn up the heat with a thrilling Labor Day Weekend to Scottsdale this summer. The city is revving up for some incredible events and local attractions that will give you a weekend to remember. Here is how you can celebrate your Scottsdale Labor Day Weekend: Check Out the Underwater World of OdySea Start your Labor Day Weekend with an attraction is perfect for the whole family. Since opening, this unique...

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Indoor Scottsdale Attractions to See

As you start planning that once in a lifetime vacation to beautiful Scottsdale, chances are your itinerary contains a long list of outdoor attractions you’ve been waiting to see your entire life. From Camelback Mountain to the Sonoran Desert and everything in between, the natural sights of our western town are a sight to behold. But don’t stop there! If you spend all of your trip outside, you’ll miss a...

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Summer Scottsdale Attractions to Visit

There is something special about the warm summer season in Scottsdale, Arizona. While naysayers might tell you it is too hot, we beg to differ. There are some incredible attractions in Scottsdale that are best enjoyed during the summer season. Here are the best summer Scottsdale attractions to choose from: Sunrise Hike at Camelback Mountain It can be a little too hot during the day to enjoy the beautiful trails...

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A Getaway for Two in Scottsdale

A trip to Scottsdale is the perfect romantic getaway for those wishing to explore the Southwest. With a variety of activities at your disposal, Scottsdale continues to shine for romantic outings. Here is how to plan for a getaway for two in Scottsdale: Hike the McDowell Sonoran Preserve When someone thinks Arizona, they typically think of the high temperatures. Do not let the summer heat keep you from exploring the...

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Scottsdale Art Walk

Scottsdale in the spring is everyone’s favorite place to be. The sun shines brightly but without heat, smiling down on the happy folks wandering through the streets of Scottsdale, and the temperatures stay in the 70s. And although the Scottsdale Art Walk is a year-round event, it takes on an added gloss in the perfect days of spring. When you visit Scottsdale in the spring, while you may be unsure...

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