Playa Palmilla

A trip to Cabo has a way of catering to travelers that arrive with all types of interests and passions. While some will come this way to make the most of the history and architecture, others are drawn to the delicious dining options, scenic escapes, and world-class golf courses. From amazing nightlife to unforgettable excursions on the water, visitors to Cabo find no shortage of options for fun things to do. However, it’s hard to deny that a highlight of a trip this direction for nearly every visitor is time well-spent on the beautiful beaches. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to those places that you want to dig your toes into the sand and truly savor the day. When you’re making a list of must-visit stretches of sandy shoreline, be sure to add Playa Palmilla to the top.

A Luxurious Oasis of Surf and Sun

Playa Palmilla is a name on the tip of every beach lover’s tongue that comes to Cabo. This popular destination is perhaps one of the area’s most scenic and comes with the added benefit of being surrounded by gorgeous luxury homes, giving the area a taste of undeniable elegance. Combined with the sugar-white sand and gentle surf, Playa Palmilla is a haven of fun for those that love to combine sunbathing with time on the water. Visitors to Playa Palmilla are often thrilled to learn that the beach has earned the prestigious Blue Flag title, indicating the entire mile of beach adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and integrates environmentally-friendly policies as well.

Enjoying a Day on the Sand and in the Waves

Many guests to Playa Palmilla pack their beach chairs and umbrellas to make the most of a day simply lounging and savoring the sun’s rays. This beach is also a wonderful destination for a stroll and offers up scenic stretches of shoreline to be enjoyed and photographed. The beach is conveniently dotted with vendors as well renting everything from kayaks and boats for those that prefer to spend time on the water. When a day under the sun has left you looking to cool off, swimming in designated areas is always an option too.

Make the Most of Cabo

Taking time to unwind in the beauty and fun of Cabo is sure to please. Take your trip to the next level of excellence by letting the team at Parsons Cabo handle every detail of your rental property accommodations while you’re here. Contact us today for more information on our many options available in the area and to get started planning your next trip.

Eclectic Array Cabo

There’s something endlessly inviting about setting your vacation sights on the scenic destination of Cabo. Travelers of all interests and passions find this destination to be an outlet for letting go and relaxing, unwinding, and simply enjoying life in style. Whether it’s time on the golf course or the beach, a trip to Cabo has the potential to be focused on a variety of fun activities from the moment you arrive. For those that have a heart for afternoons spent browsing unique storefronts in pursuit of that perfect item to return home with, Cabo is brimming over with potential. When you’re in the mood to browse one-of-a-kind goods that give back to the community with every purchase, a stop at Eclectic Array Cabo is bound to be an inspiring choice.

Made in Mexico, For Mexico

Eclectic Array is located at Blvd. Paseo de la Marina S/N, Centro, Col. Centro in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. It’s open to shoppers Sunday through Wednesday from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm with extended hours Thursdays through Saturdays until 11:00 pm. This innovative gift shop is well-loved not only for its wide variety of items available to purchase but for its meaningful mission as well. The team at Eclectic Array has set out to be the premier provider of a purposeful space where artisans from around Mexico are connected with a wider range of shoppers from around the globe. Handmade products from every region of the country are on display at Eclectic Array, giving shoppers a look at the talent that exists within and beyond Cabo as well as a chance to contribute to the greater good with a purchase of one of those same products. Proceeds go back towards helping Mexican artisans establish financial and professional independence over the long-term. Eclectic Array was first opened in 2016 by founder and owner Faryn Clark who originally hails from Dallas, Texas.

Items to Shop

The lineup of handcrafted goods at Eclectic Array is as diverse as it is impressive. Shoppers can enjoy browsing everything from men, children, and women’s apparel to jewelry, clutches, shoes, and home goods. Keychains and hats make for wonderful souvenirs while handsewn yoga, camera, and guitar straps give every hobby a stylish edge. Pets are even included at Eclectic Array with the store hosting a section specifically catering to dog collars and leashes.

Take Time to Enjoy Cabo

No matter when you arrive, make sure the team at Parsons Cabo has you settled in an amazing rental property that exceeds your every vacation expectation. Contact us today to learn more and to start planning your trip!

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

A trip to Cabo San Lucas is an amazing opportunity to make the most of incredible landscapes, endless sunshine, and a long list of options for fun, relaxation, and exploration in equal measure. Travelers who love spending time on the beach will find ample shorelines waiting for them while those with a passion for shopping and dining in style will find Cabo to be an inviting destination with a diverse lineup of storefronts, markets, and restaurants. Among the many appealing features a trip to Cabo hosts, none is perhaps more iconic than the towering Arco de Cabo San Lucas.

Nature at Its Best

The chance to encounter the Arch of Cabo San Lucas up close isn’t one that should be missed. This towering rock formation is often pictured on postcards with good reason. As it rises out of the sea, the stone arch brings a sense of wonder with it. Settled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas naturally contrasts its watery surroundings in breathtaking fashion, making it one of the most photographed sites in the entire area. Depending on what time of year you arrive, the lower areas of the arch base will be visible depending on water levels.

Planning a Visit

For those that are up for an independent trip to the arch, it’s simple enough to rent a boat and make your way to this stunning landmark at your own pace. The waters surrounding the arch are popular for swimming and snorkeling as well, turning a day trip into an adventure the whole family can enjoy. Those who prefer a more directed experience can just as easily book a guided tour to the arch. These experiences generally come complete with narration and options for questions along the way. Keep your eyes open for sea lions as you travel through the waters to the arch as this area is a place they frequently call home and spotting them is sure to be a thrill!

Make the Most of Your Cabo San Lucas Experience

When your time at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas comes to a close and you’re ready to retire someplace comfortable, luxurious and welcoming, be sure you’re booked into a beautiful rental property with the help of the team at Parsons Cabo. Contact us today to learn more about our many options available and to get started planning your next adventure.