Phoenix Zoo Lights

The holiday season in Phoenix, AZ is always the time of year everyone gets hyped about, and if you’re visiting you might be surprised at the kind of preparations that go into making it even more festive. Case in point is the annual Phoenix Zoo Lights. A lot of meticulous work and manhours are spent to create the majestic light armatures around the zoo. From animals to Christmas-inspired shapes, when the Phoenix Zoo lights turn on, the entire place turns into a magical place straight out of a fairytale.

Music and Zoo Lights in Phoenix AZ

From the end of November all the way to mid-January, the Phoenix Zoo enchants its visitors with its evening displays. Millions of lights are strung over trees and walkways. Animals shaped out of light will interact with the children. Jenga, the giant giraffe, will answer their questions and tell them jokes, while Tortuga, the Galapagos tortoise, named after the infamous pirate island, will tell them all about her life and share secrets about all the places she has seen before she came to the zoo. Other animals such as the light beetles and anteaters will also put on a show of their own. Around the lagoon, a combination of music and light displays will entertain visitors all evening.

Animatronic Dinosaurs

Not to be outdone, the dinosaurs will have their own show as well. The fearful animals will move around and shout at each other in a sea of dancing light. The 23 dinosaurs are a traveling exhibit that makes a stop at this time of year at the Phoenix Zoo to entertain the guests. Other attractions include 3-D light displays of cupcakes and candy pieces as well as carrots near the cages of the rabbits. And for theater lovers, the 4-D theater is back by popular demand to show “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Phoenix in the holiday season is the place to be. When visiting this great city, consider staying with us. At Parsons Villas, we offer the best holiday accommodations to make your vacation a blessed one.

Winter Wonderland Arizona

In December of every year, Phoenix, like every other city, town, and village across the country, gets ready to celebrate Christmas. But Christmas in Phoenix is a little different thanks in part to the Winter Wonderland Arizona event, the family festival free for all to join in the festivities. Every evening of the month between 6 pm and 10 pm the dazzling displays of lights, bubbles, and snowfall. You also get to take photos of the Ice Princess & Prince and enjoy the Snowflake Dance. This wholesome activity also includes face painting and crafts as well as shopping and entertainment.

Winter Wonderland Scottsdale Light and Music

With a breathtaking display of computerized lights and music, the whole display has about 250,000 Christmas lights choreographed with the music. The backyard will feature scenes from Frozen and the Island of Misfit Toys where snowfall and bubbles bring those scenes to life. With 30 years’ experience, the Winter Wonderland Scottsdale show had won the Spirit Award for their dedication and great service to the community. The display will be held at the Birkett residence at 814 E. Valley Vista Drive, Scottsdale. Parking is open at Granite Reef.

Old Western Christmas Town

One of the highlights of the display that attracts people every year is the Old Western Christmas Town. It’s a complete set on the side of the house that comes with a mine shaft, a tunnel, and Christmas windows. And with the sparkling palace, the candy canes, snowmen, Santa’s sleigh, and gingerbread people, the Christmas experience is complete. To add to the pleasure of the attendants, hot chocolate will be offered around an open fire as long as the weather allows. Everyone is welcome free of charge, but if you feel like contributing, $5 donations will be accepted.

Winter Wonderland is an annual event to celebrate Christmas in Phoenix. Call us today for more information and to book your vacation home.

Spring Training

Arizona is the spring training home for 15 of MLB’s teams, giving baseball fans access to their favorite pros in a more intimate setting. It’s no wonder then that Phoenix gets an influx of almost two million visitors every year to watch the Cactus League Spring Training. This concentrated baseball dose spread over 10 stadiums is the ultimate experience for any MLB fan.

Spring Training in Arizona As Old as the Baseball

The spring training Arizona tradition has been around since 1947. It is a well-established annual event that hundreds of thousands of baseball fans mark on their calendar. It’s an event that marks the end of the cold winter where the Arizona sun greets you in a warm embrace. And just because it’s training doesn’t mean that the action won’t be intense. This is the one place where you get to meet your favorite stars both active and retired and experience the ballpark as you have never seen it before. For almost five weeks every year, half the MLB teams descend on Arizona to wow the fans and enrich the sport.

Entertainment Beyond the Stadiums

And who said the entertainment ends when the game is over? Arizona has a lot to offer fun-hungry sports fan. Head north to enjoy the ponderosa pine forests and Native American culture, or you can go south to experience the Old West with the charming small towns and genuine cuisines. To the east, there are mountain towns, calm and detached, yet welcoming, and to the west there’s Lake Havasu with all the water sports you can handle. But if you feel like sticking around the city, there’s plenty of fine dining, shopping, urban hiking trails, and music concerts to fill your evenings with fun and entertainment.

Spring Training is the annual event where MLB pilgrims emerge from the cold winter to bask in the warm glory of 15 teams duking it out in the great state of Arizona. Get in touch with us today to find out more information and to book your vacation rental.

Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular

If you still need another reason to visit Scottsdale, then perhaps the annual Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular event will tempt you. Bring your whole family as well, because there’s something here to scare everyone, from night fireworks and a free Kidzone to live music and a pumpkin patch. And of course, don’t forget to lift your face up to the sky to watch 20 hot air balloons bringing light to the night skies for a whole three hours. This is one event to make you tickled, spooked, and thrilled all at the same time.

The Spook Trail – Halloween Events in Phoenix

When looking for Halloween Events in Phoenix, the Spook Trail is right up your alley, pun intended. Students from the local high school take care of this one and have something to make you jump right when you least expect it. Be prepared to be frightened and try not to scream too loud. Kids are allowed to scream, though, because this is a night of delicious frightening fun. And you’ve passed through the trail and come out the other end, take the kids to a treat at one of the many balloon candy stations, then enjoy a tethered balloon ride to celebrate their bravery.

Costume Contests

Here’s something else to bring fun to the whole family. Don a costume and walk on a stage. And if you’re really convincing, not just in the way you dress, but how you walk as well, you might be picked as a winner! There are costume contests for kids, adults, and groups as well. Audiences select the winner with their applause, so make sure you play to the audience if you want to have a chance at the trophy.

Balloons always bring joy to the hearts of kids and adults alike. But when you mix it with costume contests, you have yourself a memorable night for fun and entertainment. Call us for more information or browse our website to book your vacation home.

Waste Management Phoenix Open

In February of every year, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, dubbed “The Greatest Show on Grass,” is held in Scottsdale, Arizona. It attracts thousands of people annually and raises millions of dollars for charities. The 2018 tournament broke the record of attendance when more than 720,000 golf fans watched the event in one week. These huge numbers speak volumes about the tournament and they also mean that you can expect to see some of the great golf names putting on Scottsdale grass.

Phoenix Open Golf and Charity

Perhaps there’s no feeling like doing something you enjoy, like watching your favorite sport, while knowing that a portion of the money you pay for the admission ticket goes to charitable work. Every year millions of dollars are raised during the tournament which go to charity organizations in Arizona. Since the hosts, Thunderbirds, took over the management of the WMPO in 2010, they have raised more than $68 million to help children, families, and people in need. In 2018, the money raised exceeded $12 million. Some of this money went to charity organizations such as UMOM and Tumbleweed with the aim of helping the homeless community in Arizona, as well as to Child Crisis Arizona, which provides a safe environment for children.

Most Popular Golf Tournament

If the numbers alone are an indication, then the Phoenix Open is without a doubt the most attended golf tournament in the world. Year after year new attendance records are broken, and the WMPO still holds the PGA Tour record for single attendance day. And of course, you can expect to see some of golf’s most illustrious names there. From Rickie Fowler to Phil Mickelson, the tournament draws golf champs and golf fans from all over the world.

When watching golf means you also get to help the community through charity, then the Waste Management Phoenix Open is a great success story. Tickets for the next tournament on February are available on their website. Call us today to find out more and to book your vacation rental in Scottsdale.

Howl-O-Ween – Phoenix Zoo Halloween

For two scary nights of fun on 23 and 24 October every year, the Phoenix Zoo combines the jitters of Boo at the Zoo and Howl-O-Ween in one big event that will send chills down your spine. This is a night at the zoo like no other. Between mascot parades, camel rides, scare’ousel, and carnival games, kids of all ages will have more reasons to scream and be frightened on this most hallowed of evenings. Even adults will find something to put them in a cold sweat in the zoo.

Boo at the Zoo – Phoenix Zoo Halloween

Boo at the Zoo is usually held at Harmony Farms at the zoo all week, but this year its activities will be incorporated in the Howl-O-Ween Phoenix Zoo annual event to give young kids and older children addition activities to enjoy. From 4-D theater pieces such as the ‘Haunted Lighthouse 4-D’ to meeting costume characters like Arizona Ghostbusters, a Star Wars hero and princesses, the kids will have a fabulous time getting scared and thrilled at the same time. Every evening there will be a magic show at the Neely Center where magicians perform card tricks and disappearing acts.

Creepy for the Whole Family

But it’s not just kids who get all the fun at the zoo. Older children and adults will have their share as well. Who can resist the involuntary shiver seeing the headless horseman riding around on a night like this? And if that doesn’t scare you and you feel bold enough then you should try the Holidays of Horror Haunts. It’s a freak show based on the time of year. So don’t leave your courage at the gate because you’ll need every ounce of bravery you can muster for this one.

The Phoenix Zoo Halloween festivities are the best way to enjoy the holiday season. Call us today for more information and to book your vacation home.

Fountain Hills Stroll in the Glow – Phoenix Christmas Events

Fountain Hills, Arizona has one of the tallest fountains in the world. At one time the magnificent fountain that can be seen from miles away was listed in Guinness World Records. And even though taller fountains have come up everywhere since then, this fountain and the Avenue of Fountains attract more people around Christmas. This has to do with the 60,000 glowing lights and ornaments that turn this place into one of the popular Events in Phoenix. Under these lights, people like to stroll in the glow and fill the spirit of Christmas fill their hearts. From the first Saturday in December until the end of the month, the lights create an atmosphere of festivities for the whole family.

Evening Stroll – Events in Phoenix

The stroll starts every evening between 5 pm and 8 pm. You start from the Avenue of Fountains and make your way under the lights to Fountain Park where the magnificent fountain greets you with its own wonderful display. Along the way you get serenaded with live music, colorful local shops offering nourishment and snacks, and of course the live nativity scene. No Christmas would be complete without the blessed scene of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus.

Santa on a Fire Truck

It might be that Fountain Hills is short on reindeer, or maybe because Santa Claus likes to arrive in style, he makes his appearance to the folks down at Fountain Park in his own fire truck. He might also have forgotten to bring presents, but he would be happy to take photos with the children in the fire truck, which come to think of it is the best Christmas present a child could dream of! It’s the time for the whole family to rejoice and celebrate.

When you’re in Fountain Hills during Christmas, make sure to make time for the Stroll in the Glow Festival. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for people from all walks of life to get together and enjoy Phoenix Christmas events. Call us today for more information and to book your vacation home.

Barrett Jackson

As one of the real authorities on classic and antique cars, Barrett Jackson is a well-known car auctioning company. Every year thousands of classic car fans gather at Scottsdale, AZ to attend yet another exquisite antique car event. The classy cars, the rare vintage, and the sheer tingling excitement of watching another beautiful car go under the hammer are what draw those thousands of automobile lovers. At the same time, millions of people watch the live auction, or should we say action, on TV on Discovery Channel and Velocity. But if you want to part of it all, you can’t miss the next Barrett Jackson Car Show in Scottsdale.

Go VIP at Barrett Jackson

Of course, if you love classic cars as we all do, then you’d probably want to enjoy the 9-day event in class, and nothing says class like the VIP packages on offer. VIP access allows you rare glimpses behind the scenes, entry into the Staging Lanes, as well as all the premium food and beverages. The Gold VIP gives you access to the cars before they cross the block and the amenities of the Staging Lane Hospitality venue. But the Craig Jackson Box gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities and million-dollar bidders in the owner’s very own invitation-only box.

Barrett Jackson Vehicles and Automobilia

Since its inception 47 years ago, the auction has grown and expanded over the years. Now the nine-day event includes more than 1,700 cars and galas and auctions that draw hundreds of thousands of people. With bidders from all over the world, it’s an event that every car lover visiting Scottsdale should attend. There are plenty of exhibits to see and 70 food vendors to choose from.

Visiting the Barrett Jackson Car Show in Scottsdale is an event not to be missed. Call us today to find out more information and to book your Scottsdale vacation home.

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

If Arabian horses are your passion, then Scottsdale, AZ must be your favorite destination! The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has been an annual fixture of the city since 1955. The very first show was a hit among breeders and horse owners even though it only had 50 horses. But the show has grown over the years and now it has 2400 horses from all over the world. Held in February of every year at Westworld, the coveted first prize can turn the lucky winning horse into a superstar in this glamorous world.

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show – Largest in the World

Among Arabian horse enthusiasts, this one show is usually referred to as the “Super Bowl of the Arabian world.” It’s not just the number of fine Arabian horses competing, but the prize money exceeds a million dollars. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse show is one of three shows that form the “Arabian Triple Crown.” The other two are the U.S. Nationals and the Canadian National Arabian Championship. And with the attention and crowds of visitors it brings, it is estimated that the city gets about $52 million pumped into the economy every year. And because it is held in February, it is considered an opportunity for many to escape the frigid winter cold to the smiling Arizona sun.

Various Competitions Under ‘Impulsion’

The show consists of different competitions from Dressage and Driving to English Pleasure, Mounted Native Costume, and Western Pleasure. There’s also a youth category that covers all the competitions. The first prize is the internationally esteemed “Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champion” and is given to a mare and a stallion every year. This 11-day event draws thousands of people every year with the numbers of attendees exceeding 320,000 in 2015.

The Arabian Horse Show is a great opportunity to watch the finest horses from around the world. Call us today to find out more information and to book your vacation rental in Scottsdale.

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ

As a privately-owned museum in the heart of Phoenix with a focus on American Indian art, this is one of the major attractions for visitors. The museum offers a unique perspective of what Native American art is all about. From traditional to contemporary, the Heard Museum invites tribal communities from all over the country to contribute their stories, artifacts, sculptures, paintings, pottery, and other artistic and cultural output to present a distinct angle of what it means to be a Native Indian. With three locations in Phoenix, the museum is one of the 33 landmarks known collectively as the Phoenix Point of Pride.

Exhibits and Collections

Since its establishment in 1929, the Heard Museum has sought to be the one-stop place for everything Native American. The main location in downtown Phoenix has 10 halls that feature various exhibits dedicated to the Native Americans in the Southwest. Along with the other two venues in the Greater Phoenix area, you’ll expect to see beadwork, textiles, Katsina dolls, pottery, basketry, sculptures, and paintings that reflect the evolving artistic trends in the American Indian art and culture over the years. And while the North museum focuses on the Four Corners region, the Surprise museum is more devoted to the Navajo weavers and artists. El Mercado de Las Artes In November of every year, the Heard museum becomes the setting for one of the most colorful festivals in the region. El Mercado de Las Artes offers both Native Indian as well as Hispanic artists a venue to express their art. From strolling mariachis to colcha embroidery, santos, and tinwork, visitors immerse themselves in the lively art and culture in a rare treat seldom found elsewhere. In addition, other festivals and fairs are held all year round. From the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest to the Indian Fair and Market, the Heard Museum has established itself as one of the main venues for everything Native American.

Heard Museum Shop

As part of the museum’s mission to give exposure to Native American art and supporting the artists, the shop offers a wide variety of genuine pieces of art that the museum bought from the artists. As you walk around the shop you’ll notice the high quality of the pieces of jewelry, weaving, pottery, paintings, and Katsina dolls on sale. Books by Native American writers are also sold there including rare publications and out-of-print collections. The Heard Museum is a testament to the rich history, culture, and art of Native Americans and as such, it is one of the best attractions in Phoenix. Book your vacation rental with us today.