Arizona Taste Catering

When you’re vacationing with a large family or a group of people, it’s not uncommon for someone to come up with the idea to throw in a party. Or maybe the whole point of the vacation is to celebrate a special occasion. The vacation could also be a corporate retreat. In all these cases, what you have is a large number of people and a special event that requires planning, food, and drinks. In other words, you’ll be needing a catering service. Arizona Taste Catering gives catering a new meaning. Their services cover everything you’ll need to make your birthday party, anniversary, bachelor party, or corporate retreat.


Catering with Style

Catering is more than just offering food. That much is true, but it still doesn’t mean that the quality of the food should be any less than the service itself, which is where Arizona Taste Catering excels. Both the food and their service are of the highest quality. Your event becomes a unique occasion when it gets the Arizona Taste Catering treatment. And that includes the menu as well. No two events are the same; you can choose the type of food to be served, and you’ll get a menu that suits your budget as well as your guests’ tastes.


Full Service

One thing about Arizona Taste Catering that makes any event a breeze is that they take care of all the details—from planning to providing the tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces and even the flatware and glassware. But that’s not all. They also provide a fully-staffed food service. If the event is to have drinks, bar service is also available. This also applies to transportation and entertainment. In short, whatever the size of your event, you can trust Arizona Taste Catering with it. Their office is located at 6736 East Avalon Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona. You can reach them by email at or call them at 480-947-8844.


Our Rentals Have It All

When you rent a vacation home from Parsons Villas, you’re not just getting an excellent rental to stay during your vacation; you’re getting a great location, luxury amenities, and an amazing service. All these three complement any property and turn your vacation into a memorable experience. When you know that you have a friendly staff who are trained to help in any way they can, you know that your vacation will be a successful one. Call us today to learn more about the ways we can make your vacation even more enjoyable.

Razz’s Restaurant and Catering

Food and dining are very much part of the vacation experience no matter where you spend your vacation, and this couldn’t be truer than here in Scottsdale, Arizona. The town is blessed with natural beauty surrounding it and many great attractions; it would be a sin not to have a fine dining experience to make it picture perfect. With Razz’s Restaurant and catering service, there’s no fear of you feeling let down on that important part of your vacation. The food here is of top quality, and the menu is so enticing, you’ll be tempted to try every dish on offer.

Compliments to the Chef

Chef Razz brought with him the fine qualities of European cuisine when he came to the US to study at New York’s Culinary Institute of America, and you will feel the result of that culinary marriage as soon as you take one look at the menu. Every dish here, from the appetizers to the specials to dinner and wine selections, brings together different cuisines under one roof. Breaking with the tradition of other illustrious chefs who guard their recipes like one guards their own social security number or bank account password, Chef Razz is only too happy to share his recipes with you. So while complimenting him for his fine culinary art, you can ask him about a certain dish and he’ll give you the recipe.





Catering Services

Catering is another service that Chef Razz is only too happy to offer. His catering covers all your events, from private parties and weddings to special events, holiday parties, business meetings, home catering, take-out catering, and business lunches. Whatever event you’re planning, Chef Razz will only be happy to take the tedious work off your hands. Every planned event has its own unique menu that is crafted by the chef. Razz’s Restaurant is located at 10315 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85253. Call them at (480) 905-1308 or email them at


Luxury at Scottsdale

There’s no denying that your accommodations are a crucial part of your whole vacation. We know that you’re not just looking for a bed to spend the night; your vacation starts and ends with your vacation home. If the place doesn’t feel right, doesn’t suit your needs, or doesn’t match your personality, you won’t enjoy your Scottsdale vacation the way you hope to. This is why we pride ourselves on our ability to match you with the luxury villa that fits your plans and needs. Call us today and let one of our friendly experts show you how we can turn your vacation into a truly memorable experience.

Tutti Santi in Scottsdale

Open Tutti Santi’s website and you’ll find the stuff foodie dreams are made of: dishes full of pasta covered in cream sauce, bubbling cheese and thick, beefy bolognese. Live out that dream at Tutti Santi in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Upscale Italian Dining

This is not your mainstream, strip mall Italian restaurant. As proof, this restaurant serves Carpaccio Di Bue, a coveted Italian dish that includes thin slices of raw filet mignon with tomato basil, capers, olive oil and parmigiano. It’s a dish that’s hard to get right, so savor it at Tutti Santi.

Carpaccio is just one of the dishes offered on the antipasti freddi (cold appetizers) menu. Keep it simple with Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, thinly sliced prosciutto served with shaved parmigiano reggiano, or a classic shrimp cocktail. Antipasti caldi (hot appetizers) include two kinds of calamari (in a sauce or fried), and Insalata di Mare, a warm seafood salad with marinated mussels, calamari, shrimp and diced potatoes in olive oil and lemon juice.

The main course menu offers all kinds of meats and pastas: veal medallions pan seared in a Port wine served with oven baked scalloped potatoes and seasonal vegetables; mussels and calamari sautéed in spicy tomato sauce served on a bed of spaghetti; and pasta with bolognese meat sauce and parmigiano.

What Italian meal would be complete without wine? Tutti Santi has you covered. The wine list is extensive.

It’s hard to say this restaurant offers “the classics” when those classics are often defined by mainstream, Americanized restaurants. This is the real deal: authentic, fresh Italian food.

Happy hour is Monday through Thursday between 4:30 and 6 p.m. Come on out and experience Italian hospitality at Tutti Santi in Scottsdale when you stay in one of our high-end villa rentals; book today!

True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a healthy, fresh lunch option, look no further than True Food Kitchen. True Food is the product of teamwork between chefs, restaurateurs, and Doctor of Integrated Medicine and author, Andrew Weil. If that’s not enough for you, the restaurant is backed by Oprah! The result is a fresh, health-conscious menu. The team wants True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale to be not only a restaurant, but a way of life.

Dedication to Healthy Living

Ingredients are always chosen by chefs for their freshness and nutrition density. The menu rotates regularly so that chefs can always include seasonal ingredients chosen at their peak freshness and flavor. True Food Kitchen also prides itself on meeting any dietary need. They can customize meals for customer preferences and needs.

At True Food, you’ll find salads, vegetable side dishes, starters, sandwiches, pizzas, and quinoa bowls. Starters are unique and simple: guacamole, hummus, and wild caught albacore tataki (seared tuna dressed in avocado, jalapeño, toasted sesame and yuzu ponzu).

Try the summer tacos with grilled fish or grass-fed steak with tomatillo avocado salsa, pickled jicama slaw, coconut lime yogurt, and Anasazi bean. Or the gluten free spicy panang curry with organic potato, pole bean, bok choy, carrot, Thai basil, and coconut shrimp broth. The poke bowl with wild caught albacore, avocado, quinoa rice, mushroom, snow pea, cucumber, cashew, ginger, and turmeric ponzu is a crowd favorite.

True Food’s cocktails, coffees, and teas are as unique as their food. Try the lavender cold brew with crushed coconut or adaptogenic tulsi tea with ginger honey and lemon. Summer cocktails include the wild orchid with lemon-infused vodka, blueberry and lavender, and the lemongrass margarita with añejo tequila, mango, lime, and lemongrass.

For a health-conscious, fresh and delicious meal, the choice is clearly True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale! Get a taste of their delicious and healthy menu when you stay in Scottsdale in one of our luxurious villa rentals.

Snooze, an AM Eatery in Scottsdale

Snooze an AM Eatery serves up a very different kind of breakfast—a breakfast with a purpose. Snooze was founded in 2006 in Denver by brothers Jon and Adam Schlegel. The restaurant’s motto is “It only takes a moment to make a difference.” To that end, one percent of sales goes back to the community in the form of a donation of in-kind goods and services. Employees regularly go out into the community to cook pancakes, maintain school gardens, volunteer at food banks, and clean up beaches.

Eco-Forward Thinking

Snooze an AM Eatery in Scottsdale also strives to be environmentally friendly. Snooze composts and recycles close to 90% of its waste. Each month, employees, called Snoozers, learn about a different aspect of living an eco-friendly life. In Colorado, Snooze was recognized by Colorado Environmental Leadership Program Gold Level, Certifiably Green Denver, and Climate Wise for its green efforts.

The Menu

But enough with the green talk. Snooze AM Eatery serves up breakfast classics such as eggs benedict, hashes, and pancakes (there’s a whole menu devoted to them). You can stick with classic buttermilk pancakes or go for something different such as pineapple upside down pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, and blueberry Danish pancakes (buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberry coulis, sweet cream, and almond streusel around a center of lemony cream cheese filling).

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, Snooze an AM Eatery in Scottsdale has a whole menu devoted to health-conscious dishes such as yogurt parfaits, quinoa breakfast bowls, and a lox spread with herbed goat cheese, sun-dried tomato and caper relish, and a hard-boiled egg.

Don’t forget to book a stay in one of our vacation rentals to fully enjoy your stay in Scottsdale!

Roaring Fork in Scottsdale

The Roaring Fork is centered around the idea of bold cuisine. Serving up classic American fare, this restaurant takes the cooking fire to a whole new level. All entrees are made by wood fire rotisserie, open flame grill, or wood oven roasting. Diners love it and describe meat cooked here as being reminiscent of a campfire—in a good way! This is definitely a fine dining experience. Think a classic steak house but with way more options. Read on to learn more about Roaring Fork in Scottsdale!

The Menu

The menu is meat heavy, and that’s a good thing. It’s also straightforward, yet inclusive. Entrees include duck, steak, pork, fish, and chicken.=

Start with the lamb fondue with white wine sauce, chili pecan bread, and roasted squash before you move on to your sugar-cured duck breast with onion jam, sour cherry mustard, and little cabbages. Finish your night with a slice of warm pecan pie. Visitors also rave about the braised beef short ribs with horseradish potato and tomato jam.

Happy hour is 4 to 7 p.m. Roaring Fork’s menu is extensive and offers a selection of soups, salads, and appetizers such as guacamole, pork wings, and chicken tacos. Wines and cocktails are a steal at $5.

The interior’s Old West theme, complete with antler chandeliers, upholds this restaurant’s love for the wood fire. Multiple patios complete with heaters, fireplaces, misters, and fans make this restaurant good for dining year-round and offer a great way to enjoy that steak.

You can view the whole menu and even place your order online. Make sure to visit The Roaring Fork in Scottsdale on your next stay in one of our Scottsdale villas for rent!

Hiro Sushi AZ

Don’t be fooled by the humble strip mall storefront; Hiro Sushi in AZ offers high quality, authentic Japanese eating. You can call Hiro Sushi a mom-and-pop operation, but chiefly because customers and chefs are so loyal to each other. You get worldly food served with all the warmth and conviviality you’d expect from your neighborhood diner.

Fresh & Made to Order

Don’t expect California and Las Vegas rolls that are sushi belt regulars; all sushi at Hiro Sushi is made to order. Favorites include hamachi kama (yellowtail grilled on the outside until crisp) and iwashi (fresh sardines laid over rice).

The menu doesn’t stop at sushi. Hiro’s serves one of the most extensive menus you’ll find at any sushi restaurant. Hiro serves noodles, sashimi, bentos, and more. Finish off the night with deep-fried green tea ice cream.

If you want more than just sushi, Hiro Sushi serves a full lunch and dinner menu. You’ll find side dishes such as hiyayakko (chilled tofu with scallions, grated ginger and dried bonito, which is fermented), smoked skipjack tuna, ginger pork, and sanma shioyaki (grilled and slightly salted pike over rice). Hiro Sushi also serves an extensive list of cold and hot sakes.

Experience the Best Dining Scottsdale Has to Offer

Hiro’s is widely listed by diners as the best sushi restaurant—and one of the best restaurants period—in all of Scottsdale. You’ll be hard pressed to find any bad reviews of this place. Because of its popularity, reservations are recommended for any parties over five. The dining room and sushi bar are frequently full, and lines can even form out the door. Despite the business, visitors say they never feel rushed. True to its legacy, Hiro Sushi in AZ treats all its customers with warmth and patience.

Plan a trip to Hiro Sushi when you stay in one of our incredible Scottsdale villas for rent; book today!

Grassroots Kitchen and Tap

Grassroots Kitchen and Tap offers an upscale vibe alongside a family friendly atmosphere and offerings. The family-owned and operated restaurant, founded in 2011, serves up Southern-influenced American cuisine. Grassroots chef, owner and fourth-generation restaurateur Christopher Collins says of his restaurant, “It’s all about soul. A restaurant is not just a building.”

The Menu

Grassroots’ menu is extensive, with sandwiches, salads, fish, cheese and vegetables platters, pork chops, and braised short ribs. Enjoy Southern shrimp and grits with gulf white shrimp, jalapeño-cheddar grits, tasso ham relish, and grilled focaccia, or sink your teeth into a delicate barbecue brisket cooked low and slow with a thin barbecue sauce, jalapeño-cheddar grits, and pork belly baked beans. We also recommend the Cajun spiced ahi tuna with tangy slaw, red onion, sriracha mayo, avocado, and a sesame bun.

The extensive kids’ menu at Grassroots in Scottsdale ensures your little ones stay happy while you enjoy your steak and cocktails with friends. Every meal is $7, but kids eat free from 3 to 6 p.m. every day. Options include a corn dog, barbecue chicken wings, and roasted chicken breast.

The tap and wine list are long and include several local brews. If you’re feeling a cocktail, Grassroots Kitchen and Tap has you covered and offers twists on the classics, such as a Grassroots Gimlet with Hendrick’s gin, basil, agave nectar, lime, and cucumber, or the Pink Cougar with Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka, chamomile-lemongrass syrup, bubbles, and a candy wedge.

Social hour is between 3 and 6 p.m. daily. First shelf spirits cost between $3 and $5, a glass of wine from a select menu costs $7, signature cocktails cost $8, and barrel-aged cocktails cost $9. Enjoy an awesome range of foods, too, including Hawaiian sweet roll sliders and smoked salmon dip.

Check out Grassroots in Scottsdale for a great family experience. Book your stay Parsons Villas’ beautiful Scottsdale rentals and visit today!

Craft 64 in Scottsdale

The combination of wood-fired pizza and beer is classic. We’ve all had those moments when it’s all we want. Welcome to Craft 64 in Scottsdale, where wood-fired pizza, beer and wine are the centerpieces. Craft has the accolades to prove its quality. Zagat once rated Craft 64 as the No. 3 in the top 10 hottest restaurants in Scottsdale. USA Today listed it as a go-to beer destination in Arizona.

Craft’s Pedigree

The restaurant is an upscale twist to your regular pizza and beer pit stop. Craft 64 uses local ingredients and cooks its pizza in a 100% wood oven. Craft takes it up a notch with its house-made mozzarella and bread, and 36 local Arizona beers on tap.

Craft’s owners have advanced knowledge not just of beer and wine, but of the local area. Josh Ivey is an advanced sommelier; Roger Carpenter owned a popular Australian wine bar and bistro; Scott Hagen and James Swann are Arizona beer connoisseurs.

The Menu

The house-made mozzarella has made its mark on visitors. Local favorites include the margarita pizza and caprese salad.

The signature cocktails are another point where Craft 64 is ahead of the competition. You won’t find the “64” in any run-of-the-mill pizza shop. A blend of Deep Eddy grapefruit and lemon vodkas with fresh lime, it’s a perfect pairing to the fresh caprese salad.

Pizzas here are simple and elegant. From the classic margarita with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella to the fico with mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiano reggiano, truffle oil, arugula, fig sauce to the uovo with mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, ricotta, bacon, two eggs and spinach, you’ll find advanced flavor combinations that are sure to delight

Happy hour is served 4 to 7 p.m. every day and includes Italian favorites such as an olive bowl, focaccia caprese sandwich, and garlic cheese bread. Craft 64’s wine, beer, cocktails, and food lists are conveniently located online.

Book your stay with Parsons Villas is one of our exquisite Scottsdale rentals and visit Craft 64 in Scottsdale today!

Cholla Prime Steakhouse and Lounge

Even though it’s located inside a casino, don’t expect a chintzy buffet at Cholla Prime Steakhouse and Lounge. This is upscale dining in the heart of Phoenix. TripAdvisor gave it the “Certificate of Excellence” two years in a row.

Delicious Upscale Dining

Cholla Prime Steakhouse is a fine dining experience. Steakhouse classics such as crab-stuffed prawns and New York steak are offered alongside unique main courses such as elk tenderloin.

Before the main course, nibble on unique appetizers such as chorizo-stuffed dates with house-made chorizo and a plate of domestic and imported cheese, marinated olives, mushrooms, salami with peppers, and cured tomatoes. Cream spinach and roasted sweet corn casserole compliment your steak, burger or Atlantic salmon filet. The restaurant also offers an extensive list of fine wines to pair with your steak.

Their desert menu is mouthwatering. Pair the “Coco Puff” cocktail with Godiva liqueur and hot chocolate with the chocolate coffee mousse for the chocolate lover, or savor a classic tiramisu and Mexican coffee.

Visit Cholla Prime Steakhouse During Your Scottsdale Getaway

The casino will feel worlds away inside Cholla Prime Steakhouse and Lounge; the warm decor and draped windows block out the sights and sounds of the floor. Its location means you’ll have easy access to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, downtown Scottsdale, and Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Reservations are recommended. You can make them online or call (480) 850-7736. View their menus, including a wine list, online anytime.

Don’t forget to book a stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals here in Scottsdale to fully enjoy your vacation!