Many visitors to the Scottsdale area may not immediately think of the historic aspects of this city during their trip. However, Scottsdale features an abundance of historical attractions that will delight any history lover. Here is how to plan for your own historical journey to Scottsdale:

Desert Botanical Garden

To understand the history of how Scottsdale was first founded, you need to dig into the importance of the local flora. A visit to the Desert Botanical Garden will do the trick and give you an in-depth look at Scottsdale’s desert flora. The Desert Botanical Garden is a large outdoor garden that is a mix of desert landscape and bright colorful flowers. The ethnobotanical walking trail is a highlight of the park as it features many key highlights on how Native Americans in the region used select plants to thrive. The Desert Botanical Garden even features seasonal events, making every trip a different experience.

Museum of the West

One of the newer attractions found in Scottsdale takes a deep dive into the Western influence on Scottsdale. The Museum of the West features incredible exhibits that focus on the spirts, culture, and history of Scottsdale and the American West. Preserved artifacts bring life to the museum. Artwork from renowned artists such as Geogia O’Keefee, Charles M. Russell, and Fritz Scholder help present a picture of life out in the area before its urban development. Additional exhibits found at the Museum of the West include a cacti garden, sculpture garden, and an outdoor amphitheater.

Historic Old Town

Ask any local or visitor which neighborhood they frequent the most in Scottsdale and they will all say Old Town. This historic neighborhood is the original downtown neighborhood of Scottsdale. While it is now filled with incredible businesses such as local restaurants and bars, it still holds historical importance to the city. A visit in the Scottsdale Historical Museum found in Old Town shows how the town originally looked when Scottsdale was founded. Old Town is the hub to the rest of Scottsdale and can be easily explored with the free trolley service.

More to Explore When You Journey to Scottsdale

Scottsdale is in the heart of the American West and a trip will give you plenty of opportunities to explore its rich history. Reserve one of our luxury vacation villas today to have access to fine amenities that no other lodging can provide in Scottsdale.