When most travelers think of Scottsdale, they think of the extravagant lifestyle one can have here. Scottsdale is home to several different exciting activities and attractions. Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of Scottsdale is the natural attractions surrounding the city. The natural beauty surrounding Scottsdale is unreal.

Camelback Mountain

Perhaps one of the most famous natural attractions in Scottsdale is Camelback Mountain. This local attraction can be seen from almost anywhere in Scottsdale. Camelback Mountain gets its name from its hump-like shape. You can find this local mountain in the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area. It is a local staple, as individuals who live down the street often make the trek for their daily workout. You will also see the streets lined with the cars of those wanting to take to the slopes as well. Do not miss out on this Scottsdale attraction found right in the city. Stop by Camelback Mountain at 6131 E Cholla Ln.

Papago Park

At the intersection of Tempe and Scottsdale you will find the beautiful Papago Park. This local municipal park is on the National Register of Historic Places. Some incredible geological formations can be found at Hutt’s Tomb, where gaps in the sandstone can be explore. Beautiful desert plants such as saguaro cactus and more can be seen decorating the desert landscape. Many individuals use Papago Park as a place to go hiking or check out all the beautiful flora or fauna. You can visit Papago Park at 625 N Galvin Pkwy.

Attractions in Scottsdale at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

The largest natural attraction found around Scottsdale is McDowell Sonoran Preserve. This protected habitat features beautiful desert landscape and is 30,500 acres in size. It is the largest urban park in the country, giving you plenty of space to explore. Similar to Papago Park, this local attraction is often used by those wishing to see the natural side of Arizona. The sunset is reported to be magnificent during most times of the year, giving you the perfect backdrop for an evening hike. Enjoy the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, found at 18333 N Thompson Peak Pkwy.

Natural Beauty in Arizona

As you can see, there is plenty to explore when you choose Scottsdale as your destination of choice. Plan for the perfect vacation getaway by reserving one of our vacation villas in the city. You will have access to the finest amenities and homes available in Scottsdale. Contact Parsons Villas today!