¡Bienvenido a México! We are excited to announce our further expansion south of the border to beautiful Los Cabos. 

Located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, it’s no wonder Los Cabos has attracted celebs and the glitterati for decades. The exotic resort destination is known for its breadth of amazing offerings—from breathtaking natural wonders, including a dramatic desert and stunning white sand beaches, to a vibrant nightlife, award-winning dining, championship golf, world class water sports, and so much more. Easily accessible from most U.S. cities, including a quick 2-hour flight from Phoenix, Los Cabos is a must on any jet setter’s bucket list. 

As Scottsdale’s leading luxury home rental agency, Parsons Villas is setting the bar even higher by translating our personalized concierge and unparalleled access to a curated selection of some of the most incredible homes in the best locales to Los Cabos, one of Mexico’s most sought-after vacation spots.

Introducing Parsons Cabo, a one-stop destination of full-service residencies for renters and homeowners alike. Whether you’re searching for the perfect place to stay for an unforgettable holiday or wishing to share your amazing space with others, there’s more than enough room for everyone at Parsons Cabo.

Read on for more information to see how you can enjoy your own slice of Mexican paradise with Parsons Cabo- 

For Homeowners

If you’re a property owner who is interested in renting out your Los Cabos home, we welcome you to explore a partnership with us. From start to finish, let Parsons Cabo do the hard work of day-to-day property management for you with first-in-class professional customer service at the forefront. Our team will take care to ensure that great guests enjoy your home year-round through a seamless and sophisticated booking system, while thorough property assessments will be executed on a timely basis to ascertain that everything is running smoothly. Visitors will feel at home with our approachable, around-the-clock concierge services that’s available in real time both throughout and after their stay to guarantee that only the best experience is had for both guests and property owners alike. 

If you have a Los Cabos home that would be a perfect fit for Parsons Cabo, call us today at 480-781-0717.

For Renters

Experience Cabo in the lap of effortless luxury with a stay in one of our upscale rental homes. With the beach only a stone’s throw away and the lively city at your doorstep, your Parsons Cabo home will serve as your base where luxury, comfort and convenience collide. Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to host the family or a group of friends, or an opulent space for a more intimate stay, have your pick from chic beachside residences to multi-level villas with views of the stunning coastline and magnificent dunes, and more. A local concierge is at your disposal to provide you with expert local tips and recommendations, as well as to help plan on-site V.I.P. services upon request and at no extra cost, among other great amenities to look forward to.

Find your dream Cabo rental today.