When travelers choose a vacation rental as their lodging of choice for a getaway, they are treated to all the comforts of a privately owned home. These properties are part of a specific community with many neighbors in the area. Unfortunately, if they end up being a lousy guest, it can harm the vacation rental owner’s position in the community. While some cities have made it hard for vacation rentals to thrive, Scottsdale and the rest of the Arizona continues to support vacation rental owners. The Arizona Vacation Rental Association fights for vacation rental owners in order to help them thrive here in Scottsdale, and Parsons Villas is proud to be a member of the AZVRA.

Good Neighbor Policy

Parsons Villas and the Arizona Vacation Rental Association understand that no one is immediately responsible when a guest is more than what the owner asked for. Our membership with the AVRA helps us enforce local noise ordinances for Scottsdale. They will meet all of the neighbors of our rental properties to ensure rules are followed and the rental property remains a beautiful building in the community. When a guest reserves one of our luxury vacation villas, they agree not to host events or large parties. The AVRA helps us to enforce this policy so we can continue serving the wonderful visitors to Scottsdale.

Support Arizona Legislation to Support Vacation Rentals

Policy changes can make it difficult for property owners to want to use their home as a vacation rental. The AVRA continues to work with the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and his office to support our representation at the capitol. Local city council members may initially think that vacation rentals are a detriment to neighborhoods but the AVRA continues to educate them on the positive economic impact they have on the city. The AVRA created the first STR economic impact study that proves vacation rentals bring $350 million to the state in tax revenue, along with supporting 40,000 local jobs. All of this support and education would not be possible without our ongoing membership with the Arizona Vacation Rental Association!

Parsons Villas Is Your Strongest Ally

When you choose Parsons to help you manage your vacation property, you are choosing a dedicated company with a proven record. Our property management services can help you make the most of your investment. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you!