Scottsdale in the spring is everyone’s favorite place to be. The sun shines brightly but without heat, smiling down on the happy folks wandering through the streets of Scottsdale, and the temperatures stay in the 70s. And although the Scottsdale Art Walk is a year-round event, it takes on an added gloss in the perfect days of spring. When you visit Scottsdale in the spring, while you may be unsure of how to fill some of your vacation hours, we’re telling you right now that your Thursday nights have been mapped out for you—that’s the night you will be participating in the Scottsdale Art Walk!

A Scottsdale Tradition

For over 40 years, Thursday evenings in Scottsdale have been set aside for the appreciation of art and the laidback Scottsdale Art Walk. Taking place in our Arts District (Main Street and Marshall Way), the art galleries in the neighborhood open their doors and display their art to the people who are casually walking along the streets. Parking areas that are a little further out will often offer rides to get you to the right place, sometimes even carriage rides, and then it is all in your hands. Walk quickly and with purpose, hunting for something spectacular, or meander casually, spending an equal amount of time watching people as you do perusing the art. There are no rules, other than you MUST enjoy yourself!

As much as we love the mix of the contemporary and the funky, the classic and the traditional, sometimes the people watching can be the highlight of the evening! Well-known artists, the occasional professional athlete, and even an actor or two can be spotted on these walks, as can the eccentric, the comical, and the unique. Every Thursday is different, but they all share a common trait: This is one night that is simply fun and there is no place else the participants would rather be than right here!

When the Music Plays?

On some nights, the Scottsdale Gallery Association (the sponsors of this wonderful event) pull out all the stops and provide live music for your listening entertainment as well. As the sun sets over the mountains, the twinkle lights strung about the trees begin to sparkle, the opening notes of that night’s band begin to emanate throughout the night, and this moment right here and now becomes about as perfect as any night can be!

Book a Stay to Visit the Scottsdale Art Walk

Eventually, the crowds dwindle and one by one the lights in the galleries are turned down and the doors are locked, but you won’t be sad, because you know your night is about to get better! You’re returning to your cozy and luxurious Parsons Villas vacation escape, where the moonlight makes that wine you’re about to open and enjoy on the patio taste even sweeter. Reserve your stay with us today!