When vacationing in Arizona, many people stick to the ground when booking tours. They may choose unusual modes of transport, like horseback rides or Segway tours, but however they explore our fair state, their feet never leave the ground. Sometimes, however, it’s exciting to look at things from a new perspective, and when that perspective comes from overhead, our first choice is Aerogelic Ballooning, a hot air balloon company that has been providing bird’s eye views of the valley since 1976!

Looking Down Over Paradise

Scottsdale, and all of the Valley of the Sun, has a landscape most easterners have only seen on television, but it isn’t all red dirt and cactus—something that becomes quickly apparent from above. The green of the grass, the rugged beauty of the mountains standing guard around the Valley, and the blue of swimming pools glistening in the sun are just some of the sights you can expect to witness from the basket of am Aerogelic hot air balloon. Your guide, a professional hot air balloon pilot, offers an opportunity to see the southwest in a way not many people have. The company offers a variety of flights, with tickets starting at $169 per person for a basic flight and topping out at $899 per couple for a moonlight tour. Yes, Aerogelic offers something very few hot air balloon companies do: a nighttime tour of the valley by the light of the full moon. You can’t get much more romantic than this! All the packages, however, share one common trait: the beauty of the Arizona landscape. Enjoy a champagne breakfast flight at dawn, a sunset tour at dusk, or just hop aboard at any time throughout the day and discover for yourself the wonders of Arizona as you float gently through the sky. Launch locations are at 2501 W. Happy Valley Road in Phoenix and 3765 S. Gilbert Road #107 in Gilbert, should you feel like a short road trip from your Parsons Villas Scottsdale vacation escape! Reservations can be made athttps://www.aerogelicballooning.com/reservations/.

Come Down to Earth Gently

Even if you still have your head in the clouds, your landing will be soft as silk when you spend your time down on Earth in one of our Parsons Villas luxury homes. Elegantly decorated and filled with the luxury amenities you can’t help but get used to, your time in Scottsdale will not soon be forgotten. Reserve yours today!