We’ve be practicing social distancing for a while now (seems like forever, doesn’t it?) and it looks like it may continue for a little longer. The good news is that things are starting to ease up a bit. While we all still need to take precautions like washing our hands, wearing a mask, and staying 6 feet apart, there are many ways to have fun here in beautiful Scottsdale. Before you visit any place, remember to call ahead to verify their hours of operation and what the rules are for that particular day. Things are still very fluid and may change day to day. Be prepared!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Enjoying outdoor Scottsdale social distancing activities is easy to do, even when practicing social distancing! Area golf courses are starting to open up – for singles only and be prepared to do some walking (no carts).

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a protected desert habitat where you can bike, run, hike or horseback ride. And with more than 200 miles of trails, it’s easy to practice social distancing. You’ll be sharing the trails with desert dwellers including bobcats, woodpeckers, hawks, and rattlesnakes, as well as the towering Saguaro cactus.

Kids of all ages love the Phoenix Zoo! You’ll need to go online to purchase tickets in advance for a specific day. Walk or drive through the zoo to observe over 3,000 animals including many threatened or endangered species like cute cotton-top tamarins, Komodo dragons, and speedy cheetahs.

Want to stay safe and stay with social distancing activities in Scottsdale at home? Set up a badminton or volleyball court, play cornhole (you can make the boards and bags yourself), or just toss around a Frisbee. Play with your family or if you invite friends over, play singles. Be adventurous and teach the kids how to cook outdoors – everyone should know how to grill a burger and make s’mores.

Enjoy the Indoors

For more Scottsdale social distancing activities, stay at home with the family! Dig out some old board games or card games or get the kids to show you how to play your favorite game online. Of course there’s always family movie night! Gather the family together, make a big bowl of buttered popcorn (or two) and watch a few movies with your kids. Many museums and the like offer virtual tours online – it’s a great way to travel safely!

Mindful Social Distancing Activities in Scottsdale

If you’re a little stressed out, there are ways to cope: meditate or do yoga out by the pool, commune with nature as you hike out to watch the sunrise, or just sit out on the patio and watch the colorful sunset.

This is the perfect time to learn a new skill or language. With all the apps out there, not to mention YouTube, it’s easy to learn something new. Like watercolor – with the amazing Sonoran Desert and surrounding mountains as your subject, you can’t mess it up!

Take the time to appreciate being with your family! Kids especially are going to remember this time forever, so make it as stress-free and enjoyable as you can. Take it easy and enjoy beautiful Scottsdale with your family. Stay safe! Click here to browse our Airbnb rentals in Phoenix.

If all this isolation is starting to drive you crazy, just remember that you’re in Scottsdale, one of the most beautiful places on the planet! We’ve got a huge list of fun isolated activities in Scottsdale you can enjoy while still staying safe and isolated.

Outside in Isolation With Scottsdale Isolated Activities

Obviously, if you’re in the Scottsdale area, hiking or biking along one of the many desert trails is on your itinerary. The city is surrounded by the desert and rough, craggy mountains with miles of hiking trails. And the trails are less crowded than normal right now, so take the usual precautions and get out there! Full of unique plants and animals, the desert is home to the towering Saguaro cactus and prickly pear and the only population of jaguars in the country. Be on the lookout for hawks, lizards and snakes too as you hike these desert trails by yourself or in a small group.

Another solitary (or small group) activity is geocaching. Try locating caches outside of your normal hunting grounds for more fun. If you’re looking for isolated activities in Scottsdale there are several geocaching groups to choose from that are located in the Scottsdale area.

While you’re in town, you have to visit Old Town. While not every place is open yet, you can still enjoy window shopping and wandering through this historic town center. Scottsdale has a great public arts program too. Download a tour map and watch for pieces as you wander. Be sure to visit the Soleri Bridge and Plaza and the famous “LOVE” sculpture by Robert Indiana.

Inside Isolation

If you’re in isolation with friends or family, you’re probably tired of playing all the same old board games over and over. Don’t spend money on new games, just go online. There are tons of online games out there and many are free. Play against yourself or other online gamers. Get together – virtually – with your friends around the country, or make new ones. Or, hold a friendly game night competition with your family.

The free Wi-Fi and large flat screen TVs in our rentals make it easy to just sit and veg out. But, you’ve done enough of that by now! Get up and exercise! Go online and buy bright colored exercise clothes and a mat to get yourself in the mood. Have a dance off with other family members or friends. Or take the time to practice those yoga poses or learn tai chi.

Teach the kids to cook! Make up a big batch of pizza dough, then let the kids put on their own toppings. Move on to other favorites like mac’n’cheese or Rice Krispy treats. It’s a great way to make some wonderful memories with your Scottsdale isolated activities.

Scottsdale Isolation

If you still need some suggestions for activities in Scottsdale while practicing isolation, or if you’d like an update on what is open, just give our helpful staff a call! Check out our Airbnb vacation rentals in Scottsdale.

We’re all tired of this self-isolation by now. We’re tired of all the usual isolation activities and we never want to see another dust cloth or vacuum again. We need new things to do in Phoenix! Here’s how you can get out and enjoy the area while still maintaining the appropriate distance. It’s all thanks to these isolated Phoenix activities!

Get Outside With These Phoenix Isolated Activities!

Grab your mask and head outside! You’re in Phoenix, surrounded by amazing desert scenery and majestic mountains. Enjoy it! Hiking or biking along a desert trail is something you can do alone (or with your family). Make sure you have plenty of water and a charged cell phone, and then hit the trails. To get started with these Phoenix isolated activities, try Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak or Hole-in-the-Rock in Papago Park. It will take some time to hike every trail, so get started!

While you’re out hiking, start a life-list of desert animals and birds that you see. A shallow water bowl or saucer set in the shade will guarantee birds and animals will be visiting your backyard in no time. Practice your photography or sketching skills on the birds while you hike, or while they visit your new water spot. Get the kids started on birdwatching and sketching today!

Geocache! All you need is an app on your phone. There are several geocaching groups in the Phoenix area and spots all around the city. It’s a perfect outdoor isolated Phoenix activity for solitary players or small family groups.

Stay Indoors!

Of course to be safe, you can stay inside and enjoy the free Wi-Fi and large screen TVs. It’s cooler too! We’ve probably caught up on all of our favorite shows by now, so it’s time to try something different and watch a documentary. Start out easy – space, nature, animals, or comic books – then move on to slightly more serious topics like history, war, global warming and the like.

We’ve all probably been cooking a lot too. But this really is the time to try all those recipes with the long ingredient list and numerous steps. While you’re cooking up a storm (hopefully in one of our Phoenix rentals’ gourmet kitchens!), why not make some dog treats for your favorite four-legged pal? Or an extra loaf of banana bread for your elderly neighbor? Leave it on their doorstep, ring the bell and run away!

Isolating in Your Parsons Villa

If you have to stay at home, there’s no better place than in one of our Phoenix rentals. Clean, bright and spacious, they’re the perfect the place to isolate! If you need a few ideas on things in the area to keep you from going stir crazy, give us a call today! We’re keeping up to date on all the latest area closings and openings. Click here to browse our Airbnb rentals in Phoenix.

If you’re lucky enough to be practicing self-isolation in one of our lovely vacation rentals, you’ve already been enjoying the height of comfort. Here are some ideas for a little indoor fun while staying safe at home in beautiful Scottsdale and the Valley of the Sun! Whether it’s just you or if you’re with your family, any of these ideas for indoor Scottsdale activities will work. Be sure to involve the kids, too!

Virtual Fun With These Scottsdale Indoor Activities

Join a virtual book club! Have your kids show you how to use that video app and put the kids to sleep each night with a book read by their grandparents.

Join an artist’s group where you pledge to write/sketch/whatever in a journal each day and then post your entry online. Binge watch “The Joy of Painting,” and then try your hand at a little Bob Ross landscape. Remember, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!”

Watch how-to videos. You don’t have to do something practical, you can try something fun like watercolor, embroidery, woodcarving, or how to play the ukulele or to yodel (those last two activities are best kept in isolation even if you do them well). Begin your day with calming yoga or pick a new cardio routine. And since you’re self-isolating, whatever you decide to try will stay isolated with you. No one will ever know that you really can’t juggle.

Explore museums and art galleries through virtual tours or watch silly videos with the kids. After a few hours of fine art, that video of “Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder” is refreshing!

Real Fun

Grab the kids and do some science with these indoor Scottsdale activities! YouTube has great videos showing how to make a volcano in a glass, make a snow globe, tie-dye eggs or t-shirts using pantry items, or how to make your own sundial to tell time. Channel your inner MacGyver or MythBusters, then try your hand at some of their experiments – just not the ones where they blow things up! You know you want to make a potato clock.

Challenge the kids to a paper airplane making contest. Learn to write with your non-dominate hand. Make your own vodka or cheese – yes you can! Learn to moonwalk or master those Renegade dance moves!

Scottsdale Fun

Whether you end up learning to use a hula-hoop, or something more practical like how to fold those darn fitted sheets, there are plenty of things to do while staying nice and cool indoors in Scottsdale. Stay safe and have fun with these Scottsdale indoor activities! Check out our Airbnb vacation rentals in Scottsdale.