Scottsdale Tourist Attractions for Adventure Seekers

If you’ve had enough of those frenzied beach vacations where you have to fight the noisy crowds for space at the bar or the beach, we’ve got a better option. This year, it’s time for a little adventure! We’ve picked a few activities for the Scottsdale journey for all you adventure seekers out there.

Off-Road Adventure in Scottsdale

Book an off-road Scottsdale journey and drive an ATV, Jeep, or Hummer through the desert. Travel over rocky terrain and dusty desert trails, through washouts, and more as you try to keep on the terra firma. Your tour guide will keep you going in the right direction as you explore the desert on your wheeled adventure.

Take that off-road experience up a notch and add in a little gunfire. If riding ATVs or Hummers and shooting off machine guns is your idea of fun, book the desert Wolf ATV Tour & Machine Gun Adventure. Or skip the off-roading part and just head to one of the many outdoor shooting ranges in the area.

Mountain and Desert Tours

Mountain Bikes

–If you love mountain bikes, schedule a bike tour through the desert. You can book a tour for a gentle ride over dusty desert trails, or schedule a tour with on and off-road riding, abrupt elevation losses, and gains, through desert dry washes, over sand dunes, and rocky hills. Your heart will be pumping when you reach your destination and that amazing panoramic view of the countryside.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

–Start with a hike through high rocky desert terrain, then begin the climb up the face of a vertical (or almost vertical) cliff slab and enjoy the scenery before you rappel back down. The sandstone Papago Buttes are a popular rappelling destination and an adventure in Scottsdale.

Canyoneering Adventure Tour

–Combine all your outdoor skills as you climb up cliff faces, scramble over rocks and boulders, rappel up and down canyons and cliffs, and drop into caves and down waterfalls. Many canyoneering adventure tours involve swimming or crossing streams and rivers too, so be prepared to get wet.

More Adventures

Take a half-day or full-day white water rafting adventure down the Salt River, or book a multi-day trip and camp under the stars beside the river. If you’d like to take the adventure level down a bit, you can always tube down the river with your grandmother.

For an interesting combo, try DukOut’s Zip & Sip tour. You’ll start out at Camp Verde and the Out of Africa Wildlife Park where you’ll take a zip line tour over the lions and tigers! After you zip, it’s time to sip. It’s just a short drive to the Al Cantara vineyards for a wine tasting.

Trip of a Lifetime

Now you can cross a few things off your bucket list, like canyoneering or zipping over lions! Head back to your Scottsdale vacation rental and take a refreshing dip in the pool. Then head inside and use the free Wi-Fi to post all those great pics! Up for more adventure? Give our friendly staff a call for more adventurous suggestions!