Isolated Rentals in Scottsdale

Some visitors come to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area for upscale shopping and to browse through world-renowned art galleries. Some come for spring training games (baseball and beer!) and world-class golf courses. And then there are the ones who come for the desert – the amazing Sonoran Desert and the beautiful mountains that surround it. If you are one of the latter and are looking for the ultimate desert getaway, but still want some creature comforts, you’ve come to the right place. Just select one of our isolated Scottsdale rentals and you’ll be ready to spend the rest of your time experiencing desert life but still enjoying all the comforts of luxury living.

Isolated Vacation Rentals in Scottsdale a Desert Location

To some, isolation means being alone and separated from everyone else, maybe even abandoned, and they don’t like it. But to others, that very separation means seclusion, privacy, and being free from the ties of normal existence and it is something to embrace. Out here, surrounded by the desert, it’s easy to put away your phone and the internet for a while and enjoy the silence and the sounds of the natural world.

Parsons Villas has isolated vacation rentals in Scottsdale in all levels, starting with properties that are close to the desert, but are still part of a community. You can see the neighbors and the mountains, but only over the top of the solid privacy walls. You’ll be able to enjoy a little seclusion and the desert and mountain but still be part of civilization.

We also have properties perched right on the desert’s edge where the neighbors are close, but you’ll have to squint to see them. These are properties where you’ll see more desert wildlife than people. They’re perfect for those travelers who want desert seclusion and quiet. Where you are able to listen to the birds or a cute chipmunk and maybe the occasional puma but definitely don’t want to hear any leaf blowers or the neighbor’s music.
You select the level of isolation you’re comfortable with. And if you’re not sure, give our staff a call and they’ll help you make the selection. We have isolated rentals located throughout the area and will be sure to have one that you’ll be comfortable with.

Area Activities

This is your time to soak in the desert and contemplate all of life’s existential questions. Scottsdale and Phoenix are surrounded by the desert and mountains and there are trailheads everywhere, ready to be hiked.

For a rugged hiking experience, head to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and its 180+ miles of trails. Work your way along these rocky, dusty trails, climbing past towering saguaro and prickly pear cacti and keep an eye out for desert wildlife – snakes, lizards, mule deer and more share the trails with you. Besides typical trails, this permanently protected preserve offers specific areas for rock climbing and even has dog-friendly trails.

If you’d rather experience the desert in a more refined way, the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix will be just the place. Several accessible trails wander past thousands of cactus species growing among the signature red rocks of the Sonoran Desert. Set up to mimic different ecosystems, these gardens are both beautiful and educational.

Head to Talking Stick Casino or Old Town if you find yourself in need of crowds, noise and fun. Enjoy it as long as you want, then head back to your isolated luxury rental to enjoy the calm and quiet.

Isolated, But Luxurious

Isolated doesn’t mean uncomfortable. Even our smaller, isolated Scottsdale rentals have all the amenities you’ll want after a long day of trekking through the desert.

Large open floor plans, lots of windows to let in that glorious desert light, free Wi-Fi for enjoying movie night or checking your email (if you absolutely have to), are a few of the standard amenities you’ll enjoy. Our rentals all have fully equipped kitchens to rustle up a delicious meal, soft luxurious linens on the bed, and comfy lounge chairs perfect for sitting and stargazing. Many of our desert-oriented rentals have outdoor cooking areas too, where you can grill a fresh, locally sourced steak to perfection, then dine out under the bright desert stars. Don’t feel like cooking? Make the short trip into town, and pick-up some take-out to enjoy at your leisure out on your patio.

Wide porches kept cool by deep overhangs and outfitted with plenty of rockers and chairs are typical in these desert-oriented rentals. There are patios with gurgling fountains, heated pools and refreshing spas and more; all the amenities you need to enjoy the desert comfortably. Many of our rentals, even our more isolated ones, have private pools, firepits and fireplaces. Lounge by the pool, meditate and watch hawks soar high above in the clouds. It doesn’t get any better than this.

And our isolated luxury rentals come in a variety of styles too, not just locations. Some are truly luxury villas, while others are cabins where you can have luxurious comfort with a tiny hint of summer camp. Exposed timber framing and wood paneling dressed up or down, your choice.

If you’re looking for the best desert vacation you can have, get started by reserving one of our isolated desert rentals today!