Arizona Outdoor Fun

Arizona Outdoor Fun

April 29, 2019

Arizona Outdoor Fun
You do not need to find anything particularly fancy to do in order to find joy and value in an Arizona vacation. Endless natural beauty paired with a unique and bustling community ensure that there is fun around every corner. But people from out of town and even some Arizona locals often have trouble finding the very best way to take advantage of this incredible place. Well, Arizona Outdoor Fun is taking all of the work out of it for you, so you can focus solely on fun in the form of tours, equipment rentals, and so much more!

Unparalleled Services
There are many ways to find a fun day with Arizona Outdoor Fun, but the most popular is definitely in their guided tours in the beautiful wilderness of the Bradshaw Mountains. These tours allow you to be the driver of a top of the line ATV (single passenger) or UTV (up to 4 passenger) vehicle. This experience brings the thrill of tearing through some very fun landscape with the benefit of seeing some incredible natural beauty that you would not experience without a knowledgeable tour guide. You can find opportunities for 2-hour tours up to 4-hour excursions where you can choose what you encounter; see everything from Native American Ruins to some of the desert’s most beautiful natural qualities.

You can also pair this tour experience with one of Arizona Outdoor Fun’s other popular services, shooting. You will find a shooting experience unlike any other at this private gun range in the desert, all under the supervision of a certified NRA member. Safety is the main goal here, so each experience starts with education on how to use these weapons safely, after which you get to use 9 mm handguns, AK-47s, and AR-15s! If you do not want to take a guided tour, then you can just stop and rent some of the top of the line gear from ATVs and UTVs to dirt bikes and more.
Regardless of how you choose to take advantage of their many offerings, you can be sure that you will enjoy amazing customer service. This is because everything at Arizona Outdoor Fun begins and ends in providing a fun and safe experience where everyone is welcome.

There are endless ways to enjoy an Arizona vacation, but getting out into this one of a kind wilderness with some fun toys is far and away the best way to make it a vacation that you will never forget. You can start your adventure north of Phoenix at 35972 S Old Black Canyon Highway or direct questions to a friendly staff by calling (602) 400-2445 or email them at Visit them online at

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