Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain

April 29, 2019

Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ

Camelback Mountain is Arizona’s ultimate destination for hiking or climbing. Easily accessible and offering a quick but scenic hike, this 2,704-foot mountain was named for the shape of its two summits resembling a kneeling camel. Being the highest mountain in the whole of Arizona means the views from the top will be spectacular. But the vertical slope and steep climb mean that only experienced climbers can get to see that 360 view. But don’t let that daunt you.You
can always hike to the summit using either of the two popular trails: Cholla and Echo Canyon.

Getting Prepared

Being a popular hiking destination, you might find parking a challenge, so try to get there as early as sunrise to find a parking spot and also to avoid the sweltering heat of the afternoon. Make sure you have your phone with you in case you need to call someone. Other things to consider are the scorpions and rattlesnakes. Watch your step there, and if you get lost, stay where you are until help arrives. And this being Arizona, take precautions against the heat and carry lots of water with you.

Hiking the Mountain

Hundreds of thousands of people flock to this popular hiking destination every year to explore its beauty and brag about it. There are two longer and more challenging trails that many locals and visitors alike consider their life mission to visit them. The Cholla and Echo Canyon trails require some experience in hiking and stamina to go through them. If you’re a hiking novice, the mountain has two other shorter trails that are not as strenuous. Make sure to stay on the trail and follow the signposts. Wandering off can be hazardous, and some hikers have lost their lives in the desert before for straying off the trail.

Climbing Camelback Mountain

The Camelback Mountain has a long history with the Native Americans who considered it a holy place. This might explain naming one of its peaks “The Praying Monk.” This red sandstone formation is the target for many mountain climbers. At around 100 feet high, you will find permanent bolts in the surface of the peak to attach the belay ropes.
Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t make it on the first try. You can always come back and do it again. Enjoy the view from the top of the Camelback Mountain is a rewarding experience that is worth all the hard work of either climbing or hiking the mountain.

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