Dominick’s Steakhouse

Dominick’s Steakhouse

April 29, 2019

A Fine Dining Experience in the Desert

Like a small piece of Midtown Manhattan nestled in the upscale dining scene of north Scottsdale, Dominick’s Steakhouse gives diners the opportunity to elevate their steakhouse experience from ordinary to extraordinary with a decadent menu of premium cuts of steak, fresh seafood, classic Italian cuisine, and an expansive selection of wine.

Why You Need to Try Dominick’s Steakhouse

At Dominick’s Steakhouse, you’ll encounter an intimate atmosphere of velvet curtains and exposed brick in one portion of the restaurant, perfectly suited for an elegant dining excursion. In another dining section, you can bask in the sleek yet inviting ambiance of an open-air courtyard with a pool and exquisite views of the sunset-tinged sky, beckoning you to indulge your palate with a tempting array of menu items created from the most luxurious ingredients possible. Wines from all over the world, handcrafted and perfectly balanced cocktails, and the most high-end liquors in creation are at your disposal.

Marvel at the artfully arranged culinary creations of perfectly seared scallops, buttery filet mignons, crisp salads, and even hearty fried creations that are impossibly light in texture. The seafood dishes here sample from everywhere from Main to Hawaii, Chile, and beyond, while the steaks include cuts ranging from traditional New York strips to famously rich and rare Wagyu filets. You can even find whole racks of lamb, as well as both pork and veal chops, on this flavorful menu. Top off your meal with impossibly luxurious condiments and sides such as truffle butter, chef style buratta, foie gras, sautéed blue cheese, or crab cake “Oscar.”

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