Half-Day Salt River White Water Rafting

Half-Day Salt River White Water Rafting

April 29, 2019

Imagine yourself whitewater rafting on the Salt River, fighting the water and rocks while slipping past the amazing scenery of the Salt River. Well, don’t just imagine it – do it! Schedule a Salt River rafting adventure now while you’re vacationing in the southwest.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Wilderness Aware’s Half-Day Salt River White water Rafting tour isn’t a gentle rafting tour; this is five miles downriver on class III rapids! This half-day adventure is just enough of a challenge to be exciting and fun, but short enough to not over tax any newbie whitewater rafters. The half-day Salt River whitewater rafting tour is their most popular tour adventure for a reason; it delivers the thrill of whitewater rafting through beautiful country in a short amount of time.

This section of the Salt River drops an average of 25-feet per mile and cuts through picturesque red rock canyons along the way. You’ll journey from the forests of the Tonto National Forest down into the Sonoran Desert with its towering Saguaro cactus and prickly pear cactus. Experience the Sonoran Desert from a perspective only Salt River rafting can provide.

Start your whitewater rafting adventure at Wilderness Aware’s base between Globe and Show Low (in east central Arizona, approximately 2-1/2 hours east of Phoenix). Your guide will brief you on how to paddle through whitewater and basic river safety before you start out. Once out on the river, their knowledgeable guides will keep your paddling coordinated and guide you through the rapids as you speed down the river. Your half-day whitewater adventure ends at a private beach where you will be shuttled back to your starting point. (Or, you can upgrade on the spot to the full day rafting adventure for more excitement!)

Starting Your Salt River White Water Rafting Tour

Half-day Salt River white water rafting tours depart at 10am and last approximately 3-1/2 hours. Your tour includes fees, raft and safety equipment, and use of a wetsuit, splash jacket and river shoes in case of cool weather. This tour is not recommended for people with back or heart problems and women who are pregnant cannot participate. Tour start at $124.19/per person, participants must be 8 years or older, and children must be accompanied by an adult. Prices are dependent upon number of adults and children booking and the trip date.

For complete packing lists, directions, itineraries, river maps, and to book your trip, visit the Arizona Rafting by Wilderness Aware Whitewater Rafting Half-day trip page. Or, give them a call at 1-800-231-7238. Check out their Facebook page for a preview of your adventure! Then, check out the fantastic rentals offered by Parsons Villas: contact us to book today!

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