Isolated Activities in Phoenix

Isolated Activities in Phoenix

August 12, 2020

We’re all tired of this self-isolation by now. We’re tired of all the usual isolation activities and we never want to see another dust cloth or vacuum again. We need new things to do in Phoenix! Here’s how you can get out and enjoy the area while still maintaining the appropriate distance. It’s all thanks to these isolated Phoenix activities!

Get Outside With These Phoenix Isolated Activities!

Grab your mask and head outside! You’re in Phoenix, surrounded by amazing desert scenery and majestic mountains. Enjoy it! Hiking or biking along a desert trail is something you can do alone (or with your family). Make sure you have plenty of water and a charged cell phone, and then hit the trails. To get started with these Phoenix isolated activities, try Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak or Hole-in-the-Rock in Papago Park. It will take some time to hike every trail, so get started!

While you’re out hiking, start a life-list of desert animals and birds that you see. A shallow water bowl or saucer set in the shade will guarantee birds and animals will be visiting your backyard in no time. Practice your photography or sketching skills on the birds while you hike, or while they visit your new water spot. Get the kids started on birdwatching and sketching today!

Geocache! All you need is an app on your phone. There are several geocaching groups in the Phoenix area and spots all around the city. It’s a perfect outdoor isolated Phoenix activity for solitary players or small family groups.

Stay Indoors!

Of course to be safe, you can stay inside and enjoy the free Wi-Fi and large screen TVs. It’s cooler too! We’ve probably caught up on all of our favorite shows by now, so it’s time to try something different and watch a documentary. Start out easy – space, nature, animals, or comic books – then move on to slightly more serious topics like history, war, global warming and the like.

We’ve all probably been cooking a lot too. But this really is the time to try all those recipes with the long ingredient list and numerous steps. While you’re cooking up a storm (hopefully in one of our Phoenix rentals’ gourmet kitchens!), why not make some dog treats for your favorite four-legged pal? Or an extra loaf of banana bread for your elderly neighbor? Leave it on their doorstep, ring the bell and run away!

Isolating in Your Parsons Villa

If you have to stay at home, there’s no better place than in one of our Phoenix rentals. Clean, bright and spacious, they’re the perfect the place to isolate! If you need a few ideas on things in the area to keep you from going stir crazy, give us a call today! We’re keeping up to date on all the latest area closings and openings. Click here to browse our Airbnb rentals in Phoenix.

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