Isolated Activities in Scottsdale

Isolated Activities in Scottsdale

August 12, 2020

If all this isolation is starting to drive you crazy, just remember that you’re in Scottsdale, one of the most beautiful places on the planet! We’ve got a huge list of fun isolated activities in Scottsdale you can enjoy while still staying safe and isolated.

Outside in Isolation With Scottsdale Isolated Activities

Obviously, if you’re in the Scottsdale area, hiking or biking along one of the many desert trails is on your itinerary. The city is surrounded by the desert and rough, craggy mountains with miles of hiking trails. And the trails are less crowded than normal right now, so take the usual precautions and get out there! Full of unique plants and animals, the desert is home to the towering Saguaro cactus and prickly pear and the only population of jaguars in the country. Be on the lookout for hawks, lizards and snakes too as you hike these desert trails by yourself or in a small group.

Another solitary (or small group) activity is geocaching. Try locating caches outside of your normal hunting grounds for more fun. If you’re looking for isolated activities in Scottsdale there are several geocaching groups to choose from that are located in the Scottsdale area.

While you’re in town, you have to visit Old Town. While not every place is open yet, you can still enjoy window shopping and wandering through this historic town center. Scottsdale has a great public arts program too. Download a tour map and watch for pieces as you wander. Be sure to visit the Soleri Bridge and Plaza and the famous “LOVE” sculpture by Robert Indiana.

Inside Isolation

If you’re in isolation with friends or family, you’re probably tired of playing all the same old board games over and over. Don’t spend money on new games, just go online. There are tons of online games out there and many are free. Play against yourself or other online gamers. Get together – virtually – with your friends around the country, or make new ones. Or, hold a friendly game night competition with your family.

The free Wi-Fi and large flat screen TVs in our rentals make it easy to just sit and veg out. But, you’ve done enough of that by now! Get up and exercise! Go online and buy bright colored exercise clothes and a mat to get yourself in the mood. Have a dance off with other family members or friends. Or take the time to practice those yoga poses or learn tai chi.

Teach the kids to cook! Make up a big batch of pizza dough, then let the kids put on their own toppings. Move on to other favorites like mac’n’cheese or Rice Krispy treats. It’s a great way to make some wonderful memories with your Scottsdale isolated activities.

Scottsdale Isolation

If you still need some suggestions for activities in Scottsdale while practicing isolation, or if you’d like an update on what is open, just give our helpful staff a call! Check out our Airbnb vacation rentals in Scottsdale.

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