Lost Dog Wash Trail

Lost Dog Wash Trail

April 29, 2019

The Lost Dog Wash Trail in Scottsdale, AZ

If you want to go out with your family on a hike and explore nature in its most intimate and raw, then the Lost Dog Wash Trail in McDowell Sonoran Preserve is the right one for you. With five different hikes with varying lengths ranging from half a mile to 4 miles and differing elevation degrees that can go up to 1150 feet, you’ll experience desert hiking like you’ve never done before. The dry climate and the untouched landscape are just two of the perks of this great trail. And because many of the trails intersect you can hike as long as you like in the 180 miles of trails that this preserve has.

Where to Begin

If this is your first desert hike then you need to be aware of three things: the weather, the water, and the snakes. Temperatures here can rise well over 100 degrees around noon so it’s always a good idea to avoid hiking around this time. You will also need a lot of water, so bring about two to three liters per person. And finally, bugs and snakes inhabit this area, so you need to watch out where you set your foot and where to place your hand. Now that we got this out of the way, head to the end of 124th Street where the trailhead lies to start your hike. There you will find plenty of amenities to park your vehicle, buy water, and get ample information about the trail.

Hiking in Segments

Hiking in the Lost Dog Wash Trail is a unique experience. Not just because of the fascinating flora and fauna, you see along the trail, but mainly for the way the trails have been divided into segments. Each segment is marked and labeled which allows you to pick and choose not only the length of your hike but where you would like to take it as well. Some of the interesting wildlife here that you can see are reptiles like the Gila monster as well as tarantulas. So keep
your phone camera ready. And since the hiking is so flexible you can cover a lot of trail ground in a few visits by planning your trips well in advance.

Things to Remember

The Lost Dog Wash Trail is open from sunrise to sunset, but since it gets hot rather quickly, it’s better to start up as early as you can. Sunrise wouldn’t be a bad time to put your hiking shoes on. The trailhead has a directory, washrooms, and water supplies, so make sure you’re well-prepared before you start your hike. And finally, this is a free trail, so you don’t
have to pay fees. Enjoy the best desert experience you can get in Arizona with segmented hiking in the Lost Dog Wash Trail.

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