Salt River Fields

Salt River Fields

April 29, 2019

Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, AZ

The first baseball park to be built on Native American land, Salt River fields, shows a deep connection to the roots of the community. When you visit the complex, you can see the cultural diversity of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa reflected in the structure. Both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies use it for their spring training which attracts a lot of MLB fans to this LEED-certified facility. The 140-acre stadium seats around 11,000 people comfortably and houses 4 major league fields, 8 minor league fields, 2 agility fields, and 4 practice half-fields. Another feature is the 3-acre lake used for irrigation and to add a spectacular backdrop to the whole facility and its 3 clubhouses.

Designed with Style and Reverence

Since the stadium was built on sovereign Indian land, the developers came up with a design that both reflects the Native Americans’ reverence for the land and the natural beauty of the desert ecosystem surrounding it. At the heart of the site is the stadium with clubhouses and other facilities radiating out of it following the custom of the residential style used by the community. Shade is an important factor in the design since the Arizona sun is at times merciless. And while the structure is influenced by the ramadas, it still manages to angle some important landmarks such as the Red Mountain in the background. This all makes for one rich experience both for the audience and the playing teams.

Helpful Links for Salt River Fields

The 50/50 Raffle

Every game at Salt River Field, a raffle is held. Money raised from the raffle goes to charities associated with both the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and Colorado Rockies. You can get a ticket either from the sellers wading through the stands or from a kiosk near the Home Plate Gate. Tickets are sold from the moment the gates are opened until the sixth inning. At the end of the 7th inning, a winner is announced, and they get to claim their reward after the end of the game. Besides the raffle, you can also buy Salt River Bucks which can be used in any of the concessions
within the complex.

Cold Stone Kids Fun Field

This is another family-oriented facility that offers a lot of fun activities for the kids. Kids get to waffle bats and run along the lines like in a real game. It is located on the main concourse and opens its doors for the kids about one hour before the start of the game and closes at the end of the 7th inning. The Salt River Field attracts all baseball lovers be they locals or visitors.

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