April 29, 2019

Revel in the Taste of Upscale Asian Cuisine in Scottsdale

Located in the fine-dining north Scottsdale, Sapporo is a high-end Asian restaurant outfitted with contemporary décor, sleek and modern aesthetics, and eye-catching architecture that underscore the cutting-edge twist that this establishment puts on tried-and-true Asian cuisine. Specializing in teppanyaki, Pacific Rim-style culinary creations, and authentic sushi, Sapporo will amaze even the staunchest connoisseurs of Asian dishes.

What Makes Sapporo a “Can’t Miss” Restaurant

Watch as the highly-skilled teppanyaki chefs create mouthwatering meals right before your eyes at the teppanyaki grill, engaging in playful demonstrations of their talent as they concoct a creation specially made for you. Witness in awe while the restaurant’s sushi chefs showcase their mastery over their art through innovative sushi rolls that won’t taste quite like any other sushi restaurant you’ve been to—a departure from the standard fare of many sushi purveyors.

Not only does Sapporo’s menu impress with its homage to both traditional and modern Asian food, but the expertly handcrafted cocktails and high-energy nightlife at this restaurant make it the ideal place to kick off a lavish night out on the town in Scottsdale’s bar scene. The bar tenders here display their expertise through perfectly balanced cocktails arranged in seemingly gravity-defying manners. Mood-setting lighting and colorful aquariums built into the walls give off the mysterious yet ethereal ambiance of being submersed underwater in the ocean, despite being firmly situated in the midst of a booming desert city.

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