In December of every year, Phoenix, like every other city, town, and village across the country, gets ready to celebrate Christmas. But Christmas in Phoenix is a little different thanks in part to the Winter Wonderland Arizona event, the family festival free for all to join in the festivities. Every evening of the month between 6 pm and 10 pm the dazzling displays of lights, bubbles, and snowfall. You also get to take photos of the Ice Princess & Prince and enjoy the Snowflake Dance. This wholesome activity also includes face painting and crafts as well as shopping and entertainment.

Winter Wonderland Scottsdale Light and Music

With a breathtaking display of computerized lights and music, the whole display has about 250,000 Christmas lights choreographed with the music. The backyard will feature scenes from Frozen and the Island of Misfit Toys where snowfall and bubbles bring those scenes to life. With 30 years’ experience, the Winter Wonderland Scottsdale show had won the Spirit Award for their dedication and great service to the community. The display will be held at the Birkett residence at 814 E. Valley Vista Drive, Scottsdale. Parking is open at Granite Reef.

Old Western Christmas Town

One of the highlights of the display that attracts people every year is the Old Western Christmas Town. It’s a complete set on the side of the house that comes with a mine shaft, a tunnel, and Christmas windows. And with the sparkling palace, the candy canes, snowmen, Santa’s sleigh, and gingerbread people, the Christmas experience is complete. To add to the pleasure of the attendants, hot chocolate will be offered around an open fire as long as the weather allows. Everyone is welcome free of charge, but if you feel like contributing, $5 donations will be accepted.

Winter Wonderland is an annual event to celebrate Christmas in Phoenix. Call us today for more information and to book your vacation home.