Winter holidays in the Midwest or on the East Coast can be miserable with the freezing temperatures and feet of snow that happen each year. Try something a little different this year by spending your holiday in sunny Arizona. Scottsdale is a travel paradise with sunshine most days of the year and with some incredible Scottsdale attractions nearby.

Weather You Will Love

Stay warm this holiday season by spending some time in Scottsdale. Sure, we have all heard the rumors that the summer in Arizona can be brutal (it really is that not bad), but the winters feature beautiful weather full of sunshine and cool, crisp temperatures. The average temperature during the winter is around 72 degrees. Now you can spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Year’s Eve in shorts!

Plenty of Holiday Lights

Residents in Scottsdale sure do love their Christmas lights. There are tons of neighborhoods where homes are decked out in extravagant light shows. Local DJ Christ Birkett is one such person who hosts the Winter Wonderland Arizona, an elaborate Christmas light show with over 250,000 lights. The show opens up at the start of December and lasts throughout the month. Make sure to stop by between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM for this unbelievable display. Another great holiday light show can be found at the Phoenix Zoo with their Zoolights exhibit. Plenty of holiday lights to go around!

More to Do Outside

With the weather being very temperate during the winter, you can spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying Scottsdale attractions. Camelback Mountain can be found in the city limits and gives you unprecedented views of the valley from the peak. Papago Park is another exciting hiking haven with plenty to see and hike around. Golfers will find the weather to be the most pleasant they have ever experienced for a quick round of 18 holes. Golf courses can be found all around Scottsdale, including the popular TPC Scottsdale course.

Plenty to Eat and Drink at These Scottsdale Attractions

You will not have to worry about cooking up your own holiday feast with the number of award-winning restaurants in Scottsdale. We recommend spending time in the Old Town, where you will find many of these restaurants in addition to lively bars. Relax a bit during this upcoming holiday season.

Enjoy Your Stay in Scottsdale

Make sure your vacation getaway to Scottsdale is one filled with relaxation and the finer things of life. Our luxury villas will ensure your stay is one to remember when hosting your family this holiday season. For larger families, we recommend the luxurious Valley Vista with plenty of space. Contact us today to book your stay and learn more about Scottsdale attractions!

As you start planning that once in a lifetime vacation to beautiful Scottsdale, chances are your itinerary contains a long list of outdoor attractions you’ve been waiting to see your entire life. From Camelback Mountain to the Sonoran Desert and everything in between, the natural sights of our western town are a sight to behold. But don’t stop there! If you spend all of your trip outside, you’ll miss a lot of what makes our desert home so special. We want our guests to have a jam-packed and fun-filled western adventure, so we’ve created this guide to the top indoor Scottsdale attractions you will want to see during your vacation!

Ice Den Scottsdale, 9375 E Bell Road

One fact everyone knows about the desert is that summers can be hot, and when it’s time to cool down during your Scottsdale journey, the Ice Den offers public skating in an establishment that is the practice home to the Arizona Coyotes. Public skate hours are from noon until 2PM every day of the week and costs between $5 and $10 per person depending on age.

Kiwanis Wave Pool, 6111 S All America Way in Tempe

Many guests are surprised to learn that temperatures can get a little more than cool in the winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to avoid the pool. The Kiwanis Wave Pool is an indoor attraction that offers cool fun year-round; the waves make it feel as if you’ve found the ocean in a desert oasis!

Western Spirit: Scottsdale Museum of the West, 3830 N Marshall Way

This 43,000-square-foot museum that tells the story of the Wild West is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Featuring the art, artifacts, and culture of 19 western states (including Arizona, of course!), this fascinating museum may be worthy of more than one visit during your stay.

Scottsdale Fashion Square, 7014 E Camelback Road

Shopping malls are a trend that are rapidly fading from the American landscape, but in Scottsdale the tradition is live and thriving! Scottsdale Fashion Square is the 19th largest mall in the United States and is home to upscale shops and boutiques that include Armani, Gucci, and every woman’s fantasy store, Tiffany & Co. Spending a day walking the tile floors of this lush mall is no punishment and may end up being the highlight of your trip!

Parsons Villas is the Only Choice

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There is something special about the warm summer season in Scottsdale, Arizona. While naysayers might tell you it is too hot, we beg to differ. There are some incredible attractions in Scottsdale that are best enjoyed during the summer season. Here are the best summer Scottsdale attractions to choose from:

Sunrise Hike at Camelback Mountain

It can be a little too hot during the day to enjoy the beautiful trails on Camelback Mountain so instead take the hike up during the morning hours. The views from the top of Camelback Mountain are truly magnificent, especially when the sun comes rising up from the distance. There are several trails of various difficulty levels to allow hikers of all skills to enjoy the mountain.

Ride Down One of the Many Rivers

You may not believe Scottsdale is nearby several rivers, but they really do exist. Younger visitors may enjoy a relaxing ride down the Salt River in a comfortable river tube. Those looking for more of the beautiful Arizona scenery will prefer a kayaking ride down the Verde River. The Sonoran Desert is amazing to see, especially around the Verde River, where the water brings life to the region.

Visit the OdySea Aquarium

One of the newest attractions found right in Scottsdale is the popular OdySea Aquarium. This local attraction is the largest aquarium in the Southwest and features 50 exhibits full of incredible marine species. Luxury attractions found in the aquarium include diving in the tanks and petting stingrays. The OdySea Aquarium is open every day of the week starting at 9:00am for a full day of excitement.

Cool Off at Ruze Cake House

Let your sweet tooth run wild with a visit to Ruze Cake House. This incredible local bakery serves up your favorite baked goods along with ice cold beverages to beat the summer heat. Their specialty beverage, The Ruze, is a delicious cold-brewed tea made with prickly pear puree, rose syrup, tapioca pearls, and cotton candy. Our mouths are already watering just from hearing all of these delicious ingredients read out loud!

Your Summer Stay is Ready

These incredible summer attractions and so much more are waiting for your visit to Scottsdale this season. Experience the best stay imaginable with our exclusive luxury vacation rentals in Scottsdale. Each rental offers a personalized experience you cannot find in any local resort or hotel. See what you are missing by contacting our representatives today and find the perfect rental for your stay in Scottsdale!