There are some things in life that are guaranteed. Like death and taxes, there will always be more sunny days than gloomy ones in Scottsdale, little girls (and some little boys) will begin a love affair with horses that may never end, and little boys (and some little girls) will dream of owning their own majestic stallion as they grow up to be rugged cowboys. For those of you, male or female, who have never given up your childhood dreams, spending your next February in Scottsdale promises to be a dream come true! The Arabian Horse Show comes to town the weekend of February 14 through 24, bringing the best stallions, mares, and ponies of all genders to West World for your enjoyment and entertainment!

Pleasing Horse Lovers at the Arabian Horse Show Since 1955

The Wild West lives on in this traditional show that has been a staple in the valley since 1955. Featuring educational expos, photo contests, and riding competitions for all ages and styles, the Arabian Horse Show has held our hearts since our parents first introduced it to us, and now we are continuing the love as we continue the tradition with our own children and grandchildren. The humble early days, however, are long gone; the first show featured just 50 of the best Arabians in the nation, and those numbers have grown to over 2000 today! And as the show has grown, so have their goals. Proceeds benefit a variety of equine charities and the March of Dimes, and scholarships are often given as prizes to the younger competitors. Prize money ranges from $105 all the way up to over $25,000, with over a million dollars in cash and prizes being given away—including 6 $1000 scholarships from the Friends of Vail Association. This show is a big deal and the prestige of winning can mean even bigger money for breeders of the stately steeds! Ticket prices start at $7 a day (kids 12 and under are free!) and top out at $250 for box seats for the entire show. Even those traveling on a tight budget will find the Arabian Horse Show doesn’t make their wallets groan!

Horsing Around in Your Parsons Villas Escape

The fun doesn’t end when you have to leave the Arabian Horse Show. Our Parsons Villas luxury properties offer exciting amenities and luxury extras that may end up being the highlight of your Scottsdale vacation! Reserve your stay in one of our fantastic homes today!