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Your real estate is an investment that can bring returns year after year as your property grows in value. Once you decide to invest in a rental property, you want it to be managed and cared for by people who know the market inside and out and how to make it shine bright and entice guests. Parsons Villas is a family-owned and operated firm with over 50 years of experience in everything real estate: custom home building, land development and redevelopment, construction, management and brokerage, and property management.

As a rental property owner, you likely measure success by how much money the property makes you each year. We measure success in dollars sometimes, too. We have over $1 billion in developments sold along with a number of awards and achievements.

We don’t nickel and dime our property owners. We do our best to keep our operations in-house, only contracting with outside professionals when necessary, keeping operating costs low, and maintaining high-quality control in every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves in putting significant time and money into our business to ensure it’s the best it can be, proving our system works.

We strive to treat your rental property as our own. That’s why we take the lead on your property for everything from interior design and furnishing consultation to contractor services to keep your property in top shape for guests.


We’ve done the research and want to share it with you! Did you know:

The vacation rental industry generated $22.7 billion globally in 2020, according to Precedence Research

Industry leaders expect the U.S. vacation rental market to explode thanks to the consolidation of companies that offer professional management and marketing of a previously highly fragmented product (Source: Travel Weekly)

Consumers booked $13.3 billion in vacation rentals in 2021 in the US. That’s 7% of the U.S. travel market and about 20% of the lodging market

Consumers choose vacation rentals for the home-like amenities, extra space, and overall better value for their money. They have a freedom and privacy that can’t be offered by traditional lodging accommodations.

Many VRMC’s are small businesses, including startups, managing less than 20 units. They list their properties on popular vacation rental listing sites.

Vacation Homes 2.0

Parsons Villas wholeheartedly embraces the vibrant vacation home rental market. We created our property management system with our carefully designed and renovated homes — targeted specifically for the vacation market — in mind. This system includes not just management services but concierge services, too. We’ve built from this model and established a distinguished, reliable, and trusted luxury brand through our hand-selection and purchase of some of the best homes in the most desired locations across the U.S.

Since most vacation rentals are an owner’s second home, they may not be approached as a business but as a secondary income. The property quality and guest experience become unpredictable, from client booking experiences to property quality, to guest service during a vacationer’s stay. Some property management companies scoop up such owners and charge them massive fees and commissions without offering the kind of management that keeps a home in top shape or attracts renters. Our approach to property management results in glowing reviews and comments; and the potential for repeat bookings.

Why Do Guests Pick Vacation Rentals?

There is a myriad of reasons travelers are turning away from traditional hotels and toward vacation rentals.

  • Spend less and get more than a hotel
  • More space – an average hotel room is 325 square feet, while the average vacation rental home is 1,850 square feet
  • Privacy – with more space, comfort, and less disturbance than hotels, guests can spend more uninterrupted quality time with loved ones
  • More opportunities to make life-long memories – from watching a movie together to living it up in private outdoor living spaces, there’s have time and energy to do things together
  • Kitchen – Guests can sick to their regular diet and eating schedule with a little vacation indulgence. Prepare less expensive meals and eat when they like, rather than be at the mercy of limited restaurant hours and menus.
  • Pet-friendly Rentals – They won’t have to pass up staying at a quality property because they have a furry friend in tow.

Americans are constantly seeking out the best value for their money, one of the top reasons why vacation rental homes are growing in popularity. Overall cost savings compared to a hotel or resort stay is a leading reason why guests choose vacation rentals. Another reason is trips taken with extended family and friends. A large percentage of leisure travelers are grandparents, and many have traveled with their grandchildren on more than one leisure trip. A vacation rental allows large groups to stay in one space without the hassle and headache of booking rooms near each other or even on the same floor in a hotel or resort!

In addition to the “togethering” vacations that bring multiple families or groups of friends together, the emergence of “Celebration Vacations” has increased the growth of the vacation rental category, with many leisure travelers taking a vacation to celebrate a special occasion.

Scottsdale Property Management and Marketing

We hand-pick our villas to represent. The result? Total quality control over design, amenities, and service provided. To keep ourselves in front of the competition, we partner with over 100 distribution channels and travel agencies around the globe. We use leading hospitality and vacation rental software to make our management system the most effective it can be.

The platform allows us to make multiple inquiries, calendars, listing edits, and property photo changes from multiple channels all in one place on a single dashboard. We implement our own quality control and check systems to communicate with contractors like cleaning staff and handymen, as well as your guests directly. Special requests from renters come as a push notification to our team members’ communication devices for prompt response and execution. Our check systems are completed through the app modules by the maintenance and cleaning staff to assure attention to detail at your property, resulting in consistent and accurate communication for superb quality control and low costs.

Target Assets

A large majority of residential real estate investment funds are focused on entry-level, single-family homes for a long-term rental contract. Parsons Villas focuses on Class-A, luxury assets in some of the most sought-after locations across the country and around the globe. This strategy develops an exclusive and unique collection while generating returns higher than traditional lower-income rentals. Our formula can produce higher appreciations than homes recycled by other companies and provide a more divergent and risk-averse portfolio.

How Much Can My Property Make?




Our staff is ready to assist you with anything you need during your stay. We provide a full host of services to make sure your trip is stress-free.



Our immaculately decorated and furnished Vacation Rentals offer many luxury amenities, including heated pools, billiards tables, hot tubs, and more!



Situated in the most desirable locations for vacationers, our Luxury Villas offer prime access to all the best local activities and attractions.







Exceeded My Expectations

Parsons Villas exceeded my expectations as our vacation rental management company. Our home was new construction and there were several mechanical items that had to be worked out along the way. At every turn Parsons Villas had the right person for the job. This special maintenance was on top the standard monthly maintenance and the cleaning crews that prepare the house for each guest. Because we also use the residence I can speak to the high-quality of the cleaning crew and standards that my property has been maintained. We were always pleased with the thorough and professional approach with which the house was cleaned. Additionally, Parsons Villas was very helpful in helping us prepare and properly stock the home for guests. Finally, and most importantly, we have not had any problem with marketing our property on multiple platforms courtesy of the Parsons Villas team. We have had more room nights rented in our first year as a vacation rental than we projected. And room rates generally grossed above what we expected. At every turn Parsons Villas has proven to be an exceptional property management company that treats our home as their own but has a distinct business savvy for the vacation rental market ERIN

Above and Beyond

Parsons Villas go above and beyond every time to make sure our home stays like brand new. The owner services team is top notch! We won’t use anyone else! JACKIE

"Hi Expectation"

Can’t say enough positive things about my experiences with Parson Villas Management Company and their entire team! Having had other management companies in the past, who’s only concern was running as many guest as possible thru our home with little concern about the quality of, or number of guest was frustratingly. In some cases our property received negative reviews from guests due to lack of everything from house not being maintained properly, whether from not being clean, or perhaps items being damaged or disheveled when guests arrive. Another common complaint with other management companies were inattentive to guests concerns and needs during their stay. Our experience with Parsons has been the total opposite. They do their best to understand whom will be renting our home, while constantly striving to stay out ahead of possible issue or challenges that may arise. Parsons Villas take a lot of pride in their professionalism. Unlike most of the other management companies, Parsons Villas team are great at staying in contact with any unusual questions or concerns that may arise from time to time. I have a very hi-end home in which I placed with Parsons Villas year and a half ago. My family and I use it from time to time during the winter. I expect the home to be watched over closely, constantly kept clean and well maintained. Parsons Villas has met my “Hi Expectation”. In my view, while nothing is ever perfect, Parsons’s entire team works incredibly hard and are constantly striving to provide the best vacation rental management services in their market. I sleep well (2000 miles away) knowing my home is in great hands! RON