Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions shall serve as a legally binding Agreement between you, your occupants and guests herein referred to as “tenant” and the Property Owner, Parsons Villas LLC and their respective agents, representatives and/or employees herein referred to as “Parsons Villas”. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions tenant is acknowledging they understand and accept all of the provisions contained herein. All payments made by tenant, either online or through a representative, are being collected on behalf of Parsons Villas and or Parsons Villas authorized agent.
Prepayment: 100% of the contract is due when arrival date is 90 days or less away. 50% of contract is due if reservation is made 90 days or more from tenants arrival date. Use of promotional code or special offer discounts require payment in full at the time the reservation is made. Parsons Villas accepts checks for U.S. funds, money orders or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).  Credit Card payments will incur an additional charge of 3% domestic, 3.8% international of the total booking charges.
Cancellation Policy: If tenant cancels 90 days or more prior to arrival date, tenant will be refunded the money paid minus a $250 processing and marketing fee. There will be no refunds for cancellations within 90 days of tenants’ arrival date, including early check outs, no-shows, or stays shortened or prevented due to inclement weather. A damage waiver can be purchased and is highly recommended, it is a non-refundable fee that allows for no penalty for cancellation as long as documentation has been provided. Please ask for further information or contact your preferred insurer.
Cleaning Fee: The property will be cleaned prior to check-in. Bed and bath linens and a starter supply of toiletries are provided. Additional cleaning service is available upon request for an additional charge. If after checkout it is determined that the tenant has left the home in a condition which requires cleaning beyond what is normal and customary, the tenant will be required to pay the additional associated expenses.
Sight Unseen: Parsons Villas properties are individually owned and furnished. Parsons Villas tries to accommodate its’ tenants, but Parsons Villas will not give refunds or adjustments if tenant finds the décor or furnishings unacceptable to tenants preferences. Each home is furnished to Parsons Villas tastes, but no two properties are the same. Rates, descriptions, bed sizes, inventories, and furnishings are subject to change without notice. Neither the rental agent nor the owner will be obligated to neither provide replacements nor give refunds for failure or absence of any items.
Maintenance: In the event of equipment malfunction during the tenants stay, Parsons villas will expedite repairs as quickly as possible. Please call us as soon as you notice a problem, most issues can be taken care of quickly. No refunds or rental adjustments will be available unless the problem results in long-term issue of major loss of primary necessary service (AC, heat, refrigerator, water, electricity). If the problem is just loss of such things as a toaster, cable outage, dishwasher issue, washer or dryer issue, shut down of one bathroom while another remains operable, garage door won’t open, pool heater issues, and similar events occur, then Parsons Villas will work as quickly to repair but it will not be considered a major loss.
Property or Tenant Amenities: All efforts will be made to accommodate property amenities or tenant amenities advertised or offered. However, under no circumstances does Parsons Villas guarantee or warrant any one property or tenant amenity. Please report any issues with a property or any tenant amenities immediately to Parsons Villas office.
Utilities: No compensation will be given for temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, cable, or satellite service. Utility service outages should be reported immediately and all efforts will be made to have them restored as soon as possible. In the event an outage cannot be restored Parsons Villas has the right to substitute rental properties (see Right to Change Rental Assignments below) for the remainder of the reservation or until the utilities are fully restored, whichever occurs first.
Right to Change Rental Accommodations (Substitution):  Parsons Villas reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations without prior notice or liability in the event of a sale of the rental property, or if the property becomes unavailable due to maintenance or other problems.  Parsons Villas cannot absolutely guarantee a specific rental property in the event of unforeseen circumstances, which could render the property to be unsafe or uninhabitable. Parsons Villas will make every effort to contact tenant should this happen. When comparable accommodations are not available, tenants will have the option of selecting from available properties at the comparable published rate or receiving a complete refund.
Subletting Prohibited: Tenant acknowledges that the property may not be sublet. Subleasing shall immediately void any rental agreement with no refund due to tenant.
House Parties/ Large Gatherings: House parties and large gatherings exceeding maximum occupancy are prohibited and may result in tenant’s immediate removal.  *Please request information for weddings, parties or large events.
Pool Safety: All tenants shall conduct themselves safely when in and around the pool. No glassware shall be permitted in or around the pool area at any time. All pool gates or entrance doors shall remain secured and shall not be disabled or blocked in an open position at any time. Tenants shall be responsible to be present with any children under the age of 12 when in the pool area and shall not leave any children unattended when in the pool or the pool area. No swimming is permitted after 10 P.M. No diving is allowed in any pool. Tenants assume the risk of any injury resulting from the use of the pool and pool area and expressly waive any and all claims as against the property owner, Parsons Villas and their respective agents, representatives and/or employees for any bodily injury or harm.

Pool Cleaning: The pool is cleaned and chemically treated at least once per week. Adverse weather conditions such as high winds and rain may cause the pool to become dirty. Pool cleaning equipment is provided for the tenant’s use during the term of the tenant’s stay. The tenant understands and agrees to care for the pool between times when the pool is professionally cleaned. Additional pool cleaning service is available upon request for an additional charge. At any time, if it is determined that the tenant has removed the pool cleaning equipment, tampered with the pool equipment in an unauthorized manner, or neglected to care for the pool as instructed the tenant will be required to pay any and all associated consequential damages. The damages will be immediately charged to the tenant’s credit card, which was authorized for the purposes of the security deposit. If the amount of the expenses exceeds the amount of the tenant’s security deposit, the tenant agrees to immediately pay the balance due.
Pool Heating (this does not apply for condos or community pools): Swimming pools contain very large amounts of water and the energy that must be expended to heat swimming pools is substantial. When applicable, the swimming pool thermostat will be set to a minimum temperature of 75 degrees. Tenants may elect to pay to turn the pool heater up to a higher temperature setting at a per day cost of $40/day. For example, if tenant elects to turn the heater up to 80 degrees, tenant will be charged $40 PER DAY of stay for pool heat. Further, if tenant decides to raise the heater setting above 75 degrees, Parsons Villas understand and accept that the pool heaters may not successfully raise the temperature of the swimming pool to the temperature selected on the thermostat. Be advised that a lower actual pool temperature may result because the pool heaters are limited in a number of ways. First, the temperature of the water will be dependent on a number of variables, some of which are not controllable. Most importantly, the outside ambient air temperature will significantly impact the effectiveness of the swimming pool heater to the extent that the heaters will not function if the air temperature drops below 44 degrees. Equally important, the pool heaters are much more effective if the pool is covered when not in use. The cost to have the pool heater turned to a setting above 75 degrees does not in any way guarantee that the water will be heated to any particular temperature, or at all. The payment of $40 per day is the cost to turn the pool heater thermostat above 75 degrees. The tenant understands and accepts that the $40 charge per day is intended to compensate Parsons Villas for the additional electrical expense associated with having the pool heater running, and the additional expenditure of electricity that is incurred whenever the thermostat is turned up higher than 75 degrees.
Arrival/Departure: Check-in time is after 4:00 p.m. Check-out time is before 11:00 a.m. Due to occupancy and maintenance requirements, exceptions to the arrival and departure times are generally not possible. All requests for early arrival and or late departure must be made in writing and written authorization must be obtained at least 24 hours in advance. In all instances that an early check-in and/or a late check-out is permitted there will be a $75 fee charged to the credit card on file for the reservation. Tenants who do not obtain written authorization for late check out and who are still occupying the property past the contractual check out time will be considered to be in breach of the terms and conditions of occupancy and are subject to the loss of their security deposit.
Late Check Out: Check out time is 11 a.m. on the date listed on the reservation confirmation email. The home is expected to be available for Parsons Villas cleaning crew by the check-out time unless the tenant has received authorization for a late check and has agreed to pay the associated late check-out fee. The tenant agrees to pay and will be charged $100 if the cleaning crew is not able to start cleaning the home as a result of the tenant’s unauthorized, hold-over occupancy of the home. The money will be charged to the security deposit authorization on file for the tenant. The tenant will be charged an additional $100 for each subsequent hour in which the tenant, Tenants, other occupants, or their personal possessions remain in the home.
Occupancy: Only those individuals who are listed or presented to Parsons Villas may occupy the property. Authorization for additional tenants must be requested in advance and will not be authorized if it causes the home’s maximum occupancy for individuals to be exceeded.
Maximum Occupancy: There is both a household occupancy limitation and a bed configuration limitation. Groups consisting entirely of adult individuals (non-couples) are subject to a maximum occupancy, which equals the number of permanent beds in the property. Single beds are subject to a maximum of one individual. Queen and King sized beds may only be occupied by a single individual, an adult couple, an adult and a child (under 5 years of age), or two children under 5 years of age. All occupants of the home are required to be disclosed to Parsons Villas and all tenants must have an established bed to sleep in.
Property Damage: The tenant agrees to be responsible for any damage to the Property, excluding normal wear and tear. An additional cleaning charge may be incurred if upon departure the property is found to require more than the normal departure cleaning. Parsons Villas will not be responsible for any damages to tenants personal property, or liable for any accident that may occur to tenant during occupancy. Parsons Villas may enter the property at a reasonable time for the purpose of making repairs or for routine maintenance. Parsons Villas is not responsible for articles of personal property left on property.
Substitute Property: Parsons Villas makes every attempt to assure that the property is in good working order when tenant arrives. If tenant have any maintenance problems, they will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Should the property become unavailable at any time and for any reason beyond the reasonable control of Parsons Villas, Parsons Villas may substitute the best available, comparable property for the same time period.
Pets: Pets are not permitted without prior written approval.
Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the home. Smoking is only allowed outside on the patios and yards.
Parking: No more vehicles than the property allows shall be parked on the property. All vehicles must be parked either in the properties garage, driveway, assigned covered parking spots, or in an uncovered parking space. Violation of the parking rules subjects the automobile to fines, immobilization devise attachment and towing. On-street parking is monitored by the city where the property is located. No vehicle longer than 12 feet is allowed on the property under any circumstances. RV’s, buses, boats, trailers, or passenger vans, which hold more than 8 people, are strictly prohibited.
Toilet Blockages: All toilets are checked to ensure proper functioning prior to check-in. Blockages can occur if too much toilet paper, tampons, or sanitary napkins are put into the toilets. If a service call is required to clear a toilet blockage, tenants will be charged the costs associated with clearing the blockage. The minimum service call fee is $75.00 for toilet blockages. The minimum service call on weekends and holidays is $150.
BBQ Fuel Usage Policy: Parsons Villas does its best to ensure that tenant has propane to use at the property however; Parsons Villas cannot guarantee it will always be full. In the event that the propane tank is empty, please call the property management line and they will deliver a new propane tank in a timely matter. Tenant agrees to use and operate the propane grill in a safe and reasonable manner and to secure the tank valve to the “off” position immediately after each use.
Quiet Hours: Between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. Quiet Hours exist and are strictly enforced. Tenants must be respectful of their neighbors and not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of their homes. Any occupant or tenant violating this provision of the terms and conditions will be asked to leave immediately. If the tenant’s occupancy is terminated due to violation(s) of this provision, the tenant understands and accepts that no compensation, reimbursement or refund will be made to the tenant.
Behavior: The tenant agrees to be responsible for the actions of themselves, other occupants and temporary tenants. The tenant agrees to act with decorum and civility at all times, and to be responsible for the actions of the tenant’s guests other occupants with respect to this requirement. The tenant understands and accepts that the owner of the property retains sole discretion and may terminate the tenant’s occupancy of the home if the property owner determines that either the tenant or any member of the tenant’s group has acted inappropriately. In the event that the tenant’s occupancy is terminated due to inappropriate behavior, the tenant understands and accepts that no compensation, reimbursement or refund will be made to the tenant. Examples of inappropriate behavior include but are not limited to disturbing the peace of the neighborhood; willful damage to the property; occupancy by persons not disclosed on the tenant data form; excessive occupancy; violent, aggressive, confrontational, or threatening behavior or conversation; and/or failure to secure/lock the property while no responsible member of the tenant’s group is at the home. Any actions or behavior that is in violation of any criminal codes or statutes may result in immediate termination of the rental agreement and forfeiture or any rental payment.
Telephone: Telephones are NOT provided. In instances where a telephone is available, use of the telephone will be limited to local calls only. Long distance calls must be charged to tenants personal phone card or credit card.
Home Security: It is the responsibility of every tenant to securely lock the property when they are not at the home. This requirement includes all of the home’s doors (including the garage door) and windows and also applies to the check-out date. Under no circumstances shall the gate or safety doors to the pool at any Property be disabled or otherwise braced open but shall be kept and maintained in a secure condition.
Limit of Liability: In no instance or circumstance will Parsons Villas, agent, or affiliated representative be liable for more than the total amount paid by the tenant to Parsons Villas for the rental of the Property.
Privacy Provision: Whenever Parsons Villas collects information about the tenant(s), Parsons Villas restricts access to the tenants nonpublic personal information to Parsons Villas employees and those third parties who need the information to respond to the tenants inquiries, to provide better customer service, and to provide products, services and other information the tenant requests.  Parsons Villas agrees to maintain strict and universal confidentiality as to all provisions of this agreement. This part of the agreement includes, but is in no way limited to, the release of tenant contact information to any unaffiliated entity. Additionally, by accepting these terms and conditions the tenant agrees not to discuss or disclose the occupancy of the subject property with any entity not bound by the terms of this agreement without the expressed written authorization of Parsons Villas. This part of the agreement includes, but is in no way limited to, discussions or disclosures of the terms of occupancy, the conditions of occupancy, or the tenant(s) satisfaction with the terms and/or conditions of occupancy with private or government organizations, companies, and/or any persons not bound by the terms of this agreement. Additionally, any violation of this provision of the agreement will result in an immediate loss of the security deposit for the reservation and an additional charge to the credit card on file in the amount of $500. These charges will in no way result in any limitation on the damages sought in the event that a lawsuit is filed to enforce the provisions of this provision. The cardholder agrees not to dispute the charges in the event that the credit card on file for the reservation is charged in accord with the terms of this Privacy Provision. Any and all charges that result to the credit card on file that results from a violation of this provision will in no way serve to limit the monetary damages Parsons Villas will obtain in the event that a lawsuit is filed as a result of violation(s) of this Provision of this agreement. This provision is only limited by the application of law, statute, municipal code, and/or any other relevant legal authority.
ERRORS & OMISSIONS: Parsons Villas has taken great effort to ensure the information on websites and listings are accurate. Parsons Villas cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or change in prices. All rental properties are privately owned and their furnishings vary depending upon Parsons Villas taste. Parsons Villas cannot guarantee the presence of particular listed furnishings because they may change from time to time depending on Parsons Villas taste.
LIABILITY: Tenant hereby agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Parsons Villas, it’s employees, affiliates and the property owner from any and all damages or injuries resulting to any third person and/or personal property by reason of any cause whatsoever, either in or about the occupied property or elsewhere.
CC&R’S: Sometimes homes are located in Homeowners Associations Communities. If that is the case, Parsons Villas encourages the tenant to read a copy of the CC&R’s prior to accepting this agreement. CC&R’S are available to all H.O.A communities in which Parsons Villas homes exist.
Entire Agreement: These conditions and the terms related to the dates of occupancy and the rate applied to those dates of occupancy represent the entire Agreement between the parties. No verbal representations or promises made by anyone are enforceable in any respect, unless the changes are expressly agreed to by the parties.

Signature: Please sign and return this page of this agreement via fax, email or mail ONLY IF you made reservations by phone. If reservations were made online you’ve already agreed to our policies and no signature is required.

"I have read the Parsons Villas LLC Rental Terms & Conditions and agree to the terms, and hereby authorize my card to be charged for the total stated in this agreement.”

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 “I authorize Parsons Villas LLC to charge the card I’ve provided for any additional requested rental expenses incurred, and to pay for those damage or excessive cleaning expenses incurred that are not covered for reimbursement under the Security Deposit Protection plan. I also hereby confirm that the number of guests will NOT be more than stated in this agreement at any time and that violation of this policy will result in this credit card being charged maximum occupancy or double the guest fees, whichever is greater.

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