Spending an afternoon getting lost in the magical world of a Hollywood movie is the perfect way to escape from life’s annoying responsibilities, and if you visit Scottsdale during the week of November 2 through November 11th, you can escape for as many days as you please! The Scottsdale Film Festival, established in 2001, comes to our glorious city every year around this time and seems to get bigger and better each year! Celebrating films from all over the world and offering the opportunity to meet some of the most innovative directors and talented actors, this film festival, which is a relative newcomer, is giving Cannes and Sundance some competition!

All Scottsdale Film Festival Movies to Be Screened at the Harkins Shea 14 Theater

The Scottsdale film festival started humbly; only 11 films were previewed at that first event in 2001, but even then it was obvious the festival was going to be a huge success. With 9 of the 11 screenings selling out immediately, the promoters began to be excited about expanding. This year, 46 different movies portraying 9 themes, some of which include documentaries, LGBTQ spotlights, and ones directed by females, are expected to be an explosive force in the film world.

This year the focus will be on women directors in film, and two panel discussions will be offered—one featuring women directors and another featuring independent women directors—both of which will only cost $5 to become a member of the panel audience.

Ticket prices vary, with the granddaddy of tickets costing $250 per person (purchase online until November 1st) which provides tickets for 21 movies; single tickets cost $14 and are only available at the Shea Box Office during the festival, while Opening Night tickets for the reception and film cost $25 when purchased online. We’ve only discussed the low and high end ticket costs, but there are all manners of packets available.

For those who find these film festivals a worthy cause, you can become a member and receive VIP Passes in addition to being able to deduct the cost of membership from your taxes; the Scottsdale Film Festival can continue to grow and expand with your help!

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