There is something special about the warm summer season in Scottsdale, Arizona. While naysayers might tell you it is too hot, we beg to differ. There are some incredible attractions in Scottsdale that are best enjoyed during the summer season. Here are the best summer Scottsdale attractions to choose from:

Sunrise Hike at Camelback Mountain

It can be a little too hot during the day to enjoy the beautiful trails on Camelback Mountain so instead take the hike up during the morning hours. The views from the top of Camelback Mountain are truly magnificent, especially when the sun comes rising up from the distance. There are several trails of various difficulty levels to allow hikers of all skills to enjoy the mountain.

Ride Down One of the Many Rivers

You may not believe Scottsdale is nearby several rivers, but they really do exist. Younger visitors may enjoy a relaxing ride down the Salt River in a comfortable river tube. Those looking for more of the beautiful Arizona scenery will prefer a kayaking ride down the Verde River. The Sonoran Desert is amazing to see, especially around the Verde River, where the water brings life to the region.

Visit the OdySea Aquarium

One of the newest attractions found right in Scottsdale is the popular OdySea Aquarium. This local attraction is the largest aquarium in the Southwest and features 50 exhibits full of incredible marine species. Luxury attractions found in the aquarium include diving in the tanks and petting stingrays. The OdySea Aquarium is open every day of the week starting at 9:00am for a full day of excitement.

Cool Off at Ruze Cake House

Let your sweet tooth run wild with a visit to Ruze Cake House. This incredible local bakery serves up your favorite baked goods along with ice cold beverages to beat the summer heat. Their specialty beverage, The Ruze, is a delicious cold-brewed tea made with prickly pear puree, rose syrup, tapioca pearls, and cotton candy. Our mouths are already watering just from hearing all of these delicious ingredients read out loud!

Your Summer Stay is Ready

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