With so many different people from around the United States moving and migrating to Arizona and the Scottsdale area over the past few decades, this has truly created a melting pot of sorts in Scottsdale’s culinary scene. With so many different techniques, flavors, and cooking styles from around the country and around the world coming together, Scottsdale offers meals unlike anywhere else you’ll find in the southwestern U.S. The next time you’re in Scottsdale, here are a few local restaurants we highly recommend checking out:

Arcadia Farms Café

With a philosophy centered on the idea that good food brings communities together, Arcadia Farms Café has been doing just that for the good people of Scottsdale since 1990. Located right in the heart of downtown, Arcadia Farms Café specialized in regional American food using wholesome, local, and organic products. Taste the different this commitment to fresh ingredients makes for yourself with one of their fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, and so much more! Arcadia Farms Café is only open for breakfast and lunch, so make sure to head down there early and get your day started on the right food with a delicious meal!

The House Brasserie

Sometimes when you go on vacation, you just want to relax and go to a place where you feel welcomed—a place that when you enter you immediately feel right at home and the worries of the world are just washed away. Sound good to you? Then check out The House Brasserie in Old Town Scottsdale, a vintage-chic and cozy establishment serving up incredible food and delicious cocktails. The House Brasserie features a succulent, high class menu with high value items such as seared scallops, a 16oz New York Strip, and much more! This is food that will feed the soul, and when combined with the atmosphere, it will bring you peace and relaxation that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Rehab Burger Therapy

Hey, we get it. Sometimes fancy and upscale isn’t the way to relax. Sometimes you just want to splurge, take a break from your diet, and enjoy a good ol’ fashioned burger, right? Well, we’ve got the place for you! Check out Rehab Burger Therapy, a local establishment that prides itself in giving you a break from the daily grind of everyday life with a delicious (and therapeutic) burger! Their burger menu truly will have something for everyone, from classics such as a Mushroom & Swiss Burger to utilizing fresh, local ingredients with their Know Poblano Burger! Sometimes the best way to relax is just with a good burger, good friends, and good brews, and at Rehab Burger Therapy you’ll be able to find this and much more!

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