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Experience: Family owned and operated business with over 50 years’ experience in customer home building, land development, redevelopment, construction, management and brokerage, and property management in Phoenix, AZ.

Past Success: Over $1.5B in developments sold with numerous award and achievements.

Lean & Mean: Everything run in house outsourcing to professionals where needed, keeping operational cost low and quality control high.

Proven Method: Significant time and money invested proving our system works.

One-Stop-Shop: We do it all from interior design consultation to general contractor services.


$85 billion The amount generated by the vacation rental industry in 2010 in the U.S. and Europe. Source: Radius Global Market Research

The vacation rental market in the U.S. is poised for what industry leader expect will be explosive growth, thanks to the consolidation of companies offering professional management and marketing of what has traditionally been a highly fragmented product. *Travel Weekly.

Consumers booked $23 billion in vacation rentals in 2012, constituting 7% of the U.S travel market and about a fifth of the lodging market.

The top reasons for choosing a vacation rental are home-like amenities, more space and better value for the money. Freedom and privacy are also important but secondary factors.

Nearly half of all VRMC’s are small businesses, managing fewer than 20 units. Most of these propert management companies in Phoenix are also startups, having entered the market within the last five years, and nearly all (94%) list their units on vacation rental listing sites, once the domain of RBO properties.

Vacation Homes 2.0

The vacation home rental market is a vibrant and young industry that we fully embrace. We carefully design and renovate our homes specifically for the vacation rental market.  We then created our own Scottsdale property management system with concierge service. We plan to build from this model ultimately establishing a distinguished, reliable and trusted luxury brand by hand selecting and purchasing the best homes in the most desired locations across the country. 

The vast majority of vacation rentals are “second homes”. Owners do not view them as a business but as an additional source of income. This attitude translates into an unpredictable experience for the vacationer in booking requests, property quality and attention during their stay. 

Local Scottsdale property management companies prey on these homeowners by charging massive commissions to manage their properties for them. They aggressively market these homes for the sole purpose of generating commissions. There is no quality control; no vested interest in the property or the guest leading to a certain level of mistrust and disillusionment. Pictures do not match reality, furniture is worn and dated. Sometimes the property is not even habitable.

What sets us apart from other Phoenix property management companies is our approach to Scottsdale property management. Our plan is to become the most distinguished landlord in the industry. Our name is on each property and our attention is on each guest. It is personal. The results speak for themselves with the highest ratings and glowing comments in our guest books and online surveys. Choose Parsons Villas and see how one of the best Phoenix property management companies can help you succeed!

Why Are Guests Picking Vacation Rentals?

  • Spend less but get more room than a hotel.
  • More space – the average vacation rental home is 1850 sq. ft. vs. the average hotel room that is 325 sq. ft.
  • More Privacy – plenty of space, comfort and little disturbance; perfect for family time.
  • Kitchen – prepare a quick meal; save from having to eat out.
  • Authentic experience in your travel destination.
  • More opportunities to create lasting memories with family and friends.
  • Easy to find a pet-friendly accommodation in most destinations.

The top five reasons leisure travelers choose vacation rentals as an alternative to staying in a traditional hotel or resort are: (1) Value for price (94%); (2) Privacy (90%); (3) Full kitchen facilities (87%); (4) Amenities (84%); and (5) More space overall (81%).

Americans will continue to seek out more value for what they pay in 2013, which is one of the many reasons vacation rentals are growing as an attractive option. More than nine in 10 (94%) leisure travelers say “value for the price” is the primary reason for choosing vacation rental lodging, as they often provide a huge cost savings as compared to other lodging options. (MMGY Global/Harrison Group)

Year over year, trips taken with children, extended family and friends represent one of the only consistently rising types of leisure travel. What’s more, nearly one-quarter (23%) of leisure travelers are grandparents, and more than one-third (37%) have traveled with their grandchildren on one or more leisure trips during the past 12 months. As this “togethering” trend increases in popularity, travelers are selecting vacation rental homes for a sense of privacy and comfort under one roof. (MMGY Global/Harrison Group)

The emergence of “Celebration Vacations” has boosted the growth of the vacation rental category, as well, with 69% of leisure travelers having taken a vacation to celebrate a special occasion. These trips are ideal for staying in a vacation rental, as there are more people in the average traveling party. (MMGY Global/Harrison Group)

Scottsdale Property Management and Marketing

We only provide property management in Scottsdale for handpicked villas. The result - absolute quality control over design, amenities, and service.

To stay ahead of our competition, we partnered with over 100 distribution channels and travel agencies worldwide. To make our Scottsdale Property management system most effective, we use a leading hospitality and vacation rental software company.

This platform allows us to manage multiple inquiries, calendars, listing edits, and photo changes from multiple channels, on a single dashboard. We can implement our own quality control and check systems to communicate directly with cleaning staff, handymen, and even guests. Any special requests from tenants push to all team members’ communication devices for optimal response time and collaboration. Check systems have to be completed through the app modules by maintenance and cleaning staff securing thorough attention to detail. This results in consistent communication and quality control while reducing expenses significantly for our property management in Scottsdale, AZ.

Ultimate quality control, family run customer service, and market saturation lead to unparalleled returns on investments.

Target Assets

The majority of residential investment funds are focusing on entry-level, single-family homes for long term rentals.

Our plan is to concentrate on Class-A, luxury assets in the most desired locations in the U.S. and around the world. This strategy will develop an exclusive and unique portfolio while generating returns higher than traditional low-income rentals. Currently, we have been generating 2-3 times the gross revenue of annual rental homes on a short-term basis with our approach to property management in Scottsdale, AZ.

Target assets are unique, located in the most desired destinations around the world. This formula should produce higher appreciations than homes recycled by other funds and provide a more divergent and risk-averse portfolio.

Year over year, trips taken with children, extended family and friends represent one of the only consistently rising types of leisure travel. What’s more, nearly one-quarter (23%) of leisure travelers are grandparents, and more than one-third (37%) have traveled with their grandchildren on one or more leisure trips during the past 12 months. As this “togethering” trend increases in popularity, travelers are selecting vacation rental homes for a sense of privacy and comfort under one roof. (MMGY Global/Harrison Group)

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Our staff is ready to assist you with anything you need during your stay. We provide a full host of services to make sure your trip is stress-free.



Our immaculately decorated and furnished Vacation Rentals offer many luxury amenities, including heated pools, billiards tables, hot tubs, and more!

Scottsdale Vacation Rentals


Situated in the most desirable locations for vacationers, our Luxury Villas offer prime access to all the best local activities and attractions.







Exceeded My Expectations

Parsons Villas exceeded my expectations as our vacation rental management company. Our home was new construction and there were several mechanical items that had to be worked out along the way. At every turn Parsons Villas had the right person for the job. This special maintenance was on top the standard monthly maintenance and the cleaning crews that prepare the house for each guest. Because we also use the residence I can speak to the high-quality of the cleaning crew and standards that my property has been maintained. We were always pleased with the thorough and professional approach with which the house was cleaned. Additionally, Parsons Villas was very helpful in helping us prepare and properly stock the home for guests. Finally, and most importantly, we have not had any problem with marketing our property on multiple platforms courtesy of the Parsons Villas team. We have had more room nights rented in our first year as a vacation rental than we projected. And room rates generally grossed above what we expected. At every turn Parsons Villas has proven to be an exceptional property management company that treats our home as their own but has a distinct business savvy for the vacation rental market ERIN

Above and Beyond

Parsons Villas go above and beyond every time to make sure our home stays like brand new. The owner services team is top notch! We won’t use anyone else! JACKIE

"Hi Expectation"

Can’t say enough positive things about my experiences with Parson Villas Management Company and their entire team! Having had other management companies in the past, who’s only concern was running as many guest as possible thru our home with little concern about the quality of, or number of guest was frustratingly. In some cases our property received negative reviews from guests due to lack of everything from house not being maintained properly, whether from not being clean, or perhaps items being damaged or disheveled when guests arrive. Another common complaint with other management companies were inattentive to guests concerns and needs during their stay. Our experience with Parsons has been the total opposite. They do their best to understand whom will be renting our home, while constantly striving to stay out ahead of possible issue or challenges that may arise. Parsons Villas take a lot of pride in their professionalism. Unlike most of the other management companies, Parsons Villas team are great at staying in contact with any unusual questions or concerns that may arise from time to time. I have a very hi-end home in which I placed with Parsons Villas year and a half ago. My family and I use it from time to time during the winter. I expect the home to be watched over closely, constantly kept clean and well maintained. Parsons Villas has met my “Hi Expectation”. In my view, while nothing is ever perfect, Parsons’s entire team works incredibly hard and are constantly striving to provide the best vacation rental management services in their market. I sleep well (2000 miles away) knowing my home is in great hands! RON


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