If you still need another reason to visit Scottsdale, then perhaps the annual Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular event will tempt you. Bring your whole family as well, because there’s something here to scare everyone, from night fireworks and a free Kidzone to live music and a pumpkin patch. And of course, don’t forget to lift your face up to the sky to watch 20 hot air balloons bringing light to the night skies for a whole three hours. This is one event to make you tickled, spooked, and thrilled all at the same time.

The Spook Trail – Halloween Events in Phoenix

When looking for Halloween Events in Phoenix, the Spook Trail is right up your alley, pun intended. Students from the local high school take care of this one and have something to make you jump right when you least expect it. Be prepared to be frightened and try not to scream too loud. Kids are allowed to scream, though, because this is a night of delicious frightening fun. And you’ve passed through the trail and come out the other end, take the kids to a treat at one of the many balloon candy stations, then enjoy a tethered balloon ride to celebrate their bravery.

Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular Costume Contests

Here’s something else to bring fun to the whole family. Don a costume and walk on a stage. And if you’re really convincing, not just in the way you dress, but how you walk as well, you might be picked as a winner! There are costume contests for kids, adults, and groups as well. Audiences select the winner with their applause, so make sure you play to the audience if you want to have a chance at the trophy.

Balloons always bring joy to the hearts of kids and adults alike. But when you mix it with costume contests, you have yourself a memorable night for fun and entertainment. Call us for more information or browse our website to book your vacation home.