We’ve all been staying at home for a while now. We’re doing everything online, from work and school to ordering groceries and take-out. In some ways it’s made life easier, but in others…well, maybe not so much. If the walls are starting to close in on you, and the kids and family are driving you crazy, why not think about taking a vacation? You’re already doing everything online, so it won’t matter if your home base is at home or away from home.

Online School in Your Rental

Of course, the kids have school, and you have work. Well, pack up your stuff and bring it with you. Each of our rentals has free Wi-Fi (and cable) so you can easily get the kids connected to their school from your rental, just like at home. Plus, your kids will have the incentive of new places to explore.

Many of our vacation home rentals in Phoenix have swimming pools, just perfect for the kids’ afternoon break. A refreshing swim will perk them right up and they’ll be ready for the rest of the day. Select a rental out on the desert’s edge and be close to trailheads where the kids can learn about the desert’s wildlife and landscapes firsthand. Bring (or rent) mountain bikes and hit the trails, or just wander through the cacti and rocky landscape as the kids look for animal tracks. You can also take a guided tour so everyone can learn about the amazing Sonoran Desert.

Amenities in Your Rental

Besides free Wi-Fi, cable and pools, our vacation home rentals in Phoenix feature patios and porches so you can move the classroom outside. Every rental has flat screen TVs in almost every room, so there won’t be any fighting over what show to watch when the day is done. Many of our rentals also feature pool tables, TV rooms, and a few even have a private putting green. There will be plenty to keep the youngsters (and adults) occupied during downtime, and the fully equipped kitchen means you’ll be able to make the kids healthy snacks and the family can have that home-cooked meal together. Be sure to visit the famous Franco’s Italian Cafe during your stay.

Easy Access From Our Vacation Home Rentals in Phoenix Arizona

Our vacation home rentals in Phoenix Arizona are close to all the things that make this area so special. The McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Pinnacle Peak Park and more are waiting to be explored. The Phoenix Zoo and its amazing animals are close by, as is the Musical Instrument Museum where kids of all ages will thoroughly enjoy making their own music on instruments from around the world.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you with other kid-friendly activity suggestions, and find the rental with the perfect setup for your family. Give us a call today!