Arizona Taste Catering

Arizona Taste Catering

April 29, 2019

When you’re vacationing with a large family or a group of people, it’s not uncommon for someone to come up with the idea to throw in a party. Or maybe the whole point of the vacation is to celebrate a special occasion. The vacation could also be a corporate retreat. In all these cases, what you have is a large number of people and a special event that requires planning, food, and drinks. In other words, you’ll be needing a catering service. Arizona Taste Catering gives catering a new meaning. Their services cover everything you’ll need to make your birthday party, anniversary, bachelor party, or corporate retreat.


Catering with Style

Catering is more than just offering food. That much is true, but it still doesn’t mean that the quality of the food should be any less than the service itself, which is where Arizona Taste Catering excels. Both the food and their service are of the highest quality. Your event becomes a unique occasion when it gets the Arizona Taste Catering treatment. And that includes the menu as well. No two events are the same; you can choose the type of food to be served, and you’ll get a menu that suits your budget as well as your guests’ tastes.


Full Service

One thing about Arizona Taste Catering that makes any event a breeze is that they take care of all the details—from planning to providing the tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces and even the flatware and glassware. But that’s not all. They also provide a fully-staffed food service. If the event is to have drinks, bar service is also available. This also applies to transportation and entertainment. In short, whatever the size of your event, you can trust Arizona Taste Catering with it. Their office is located at 6736 East Avalon Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona. You can reach them by email at or call them at 480-947-8844.


Our Rentals Have It All

When you rent a vacation home from Parsons Villas, you’re not just getting an excellent rental to stay during your vacation; you’re getting a great location, luxury amenities, and an amazing service. All these three complement any property and turn your vacation into a memorable experience. When you know that you have a friendly staff who are trained to help in any way they can, you know that your vacation will be a successful one. Call us today to learn more about the ways we can make your vacation even more enjoyable.

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