Art One Gallery

Art One Gallery

April 29, 2019

Many art studios you come across showcase a variety of big name artists who can draw crowds for their incredible pieces of work. In Scottsdale, Arizona, Art One Gallery is changing up the game by focusing on college and high school students around the Phoenix valley. They have been providing amazing showcases since 2013 with rotating galleries that change with the season. Art One Gallery is the product of Kraig Foote whose mission was to provide freedom of expression and allow young artists to gain experience.

Showcasing Local Artists

You can find a vast array of artistic creations and create long standing relationships with artists who are dedicated to the craft. Similar to other art galleries you can purchase works of art right from the gallery that will benefit the artist. But unlike other galleries these pieces of art will be extremely affordable making sure the artists are able to continue their craft and benefit from the sales. There is never a bad time to bring home a unique souvenir that is better than any other knickknack.

Additional Displays

The great thing about the art community in Scottsdale is that everyone helps each other out. Once an exhibit has been rotated, you can find them at other local establishments in town, including The Saguaro Hotel, Salon Tru, and McCormick Hotel that can all be found in Scottsdale itself. If you have missed out on a particular piece that may have caught your eye before, give the gallery a call to see if it has made its way to one of these places.

Finding Art One Gallery, Inc.

Make your way to Art One Gallery, Inc. during your next Scottsdale vacation getaway at 4130 N Marshall Way. Feel free to call the gallery directly at 480-946-5076 for any questions you might have. Unlike most galleries Art One Gallery in Phoenix is open daily from 10:00am to 5:30pm on Monday through Saturday and 11:00am to 3:00pm on Sundays. You will not forget the incredible pieces of art on display.

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