ASU Kerr Cultural Center

ASU Kerr Cultural Center

April 29, 2019

The love of music has been foundation of humanity for generations, with local musicians helping to establish their values in the community. Arizona is no different, with a vast history of blending music and culture to be appreciated. Louise Lincoln Kerr was one such composer and patron of the arts who originally established the ASU Kerr Cultural Center. Before her passing, Louis strived to find an artistic colony to help promising musicians and artists continue developing in their skills. Since 1981, the ASU Kerr Cultural Center has been showcasing music and art productions that are an experience to enjoy.

Upcoming Shows

While the 2018-2019 artists have not been announced quite yet, the ASU Kerr Cultural Center has a vast history of great entertainment. Previous and upcoming acts include the Jazz in Concert series and a variety of featured artists. The ASU Kerr Cultural Center makes sure to focus the spotlight on up and coming artists who excel in their craft. Each production is small in scale to allow you to experience an intimate session of culture, theatre, and musical production.

Historic Roots

The ASU Kerr Cultural Center is managed by Arizona State University’s Gammage Theatre, making it easy to obtain tickets to all shows. The historic adobe building of the ASU Kerr Cultural Center has made it on the list of National Register of Historical Places. In addition to hosting amazing live sets of music, theatre, and art, the center can also be used for private events such as weddings and receptions. Celebrate love in an enchanting, timeless home for an experience like no other.

Finding the ASU Kerr Cultural Center

You can visit the ASU Kerr Cultural Center at 6110 N. Scottsdale Rd for any upcoming show. For ticket purchases, you can call the ASU Kerr Box Office at 480-596-2660 or visit their website at The 2018-2019 Featured Artists will be unveiled soon, so make you subscribe to their e-mail list for up-to-date information!

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