Barrett Jackson

Barrett Jackson

April 29, 2019

As one of the real authorities on classic and antique cars, Barrett Jackson is a well-known car auctioning company. Every year thousands of classic car fans gather at Scottsdale, AZ to attend yet another exquisite antique car event. The classy cars, the rare vintage, and the sheer tingling excitement of watching another beautiful car go under the hammer are what draw those thousands of automobile lovers. At the same time, millions of people watch the live auction, or should we say action, on TV on Discovery Channel and Velocity. But if you want to part of it all, you can’t miss the next Barrett Jackson Car Show in Scottsdale.

Go VIP at Barrett Jackson

Of course, if you love classic cars as we all do, then you’d probably want to enjoy the 9-day event in class, and nothing says class like the VIP packages on offer. VIP access allows you rare glimpses behind the scenes, entry into the Staging Lanes, as well as all the premium food and beverages. The Gold VIP gives you access to the cars before they cross the block and the amenities of the Staging Lane Hospitality venue. But the Craig Jackson Box gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities and million-dollar bidders in the owner’s very own invitation-only box.

Barrett Jackson Vehicles and Automobilia

Since its inception 47 years ago, the auction has grown and expanded over the years. Now the nine-day event includes more than 1,700 cars and galas and auctions that draw hundreds of thousands of people. With bidders from all over the world, it’s an event that every car lover visiting Scottsdale should attend. There are plenty of exhibits to see and 70 food vendors to choose from.

Visiting the Barrett Jackson Car Show in Scottsdale is an event not to be missed.

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