Bondurant Racing School

Bondurant Racing School

April 29, 2019

High Performance Driving and Racing

If you’ve ever watched NASCAR or Formula One, you may have admired how the drivers expertly maneuvered their vehicles around corners while jockeying for position. The speed, the skill—it can be quite enthralling! But have you ever wondered where they learned it all, or wanted to learn for yourself?

Enter Bondurant Racing School, one of the top driving schools in the country. Highly decorated racing professional Bob Bondurant opened his school way back in 1986, and ever since the Bondurant Racing School has been training the best drivers in the world with the Bondurant Method. Read on to learn more about the thrilling history of racing—and how you can learn to drive racecars yourself!

Racing Programs

Aimed at the thrill-seekers who want to drive the high-speed cars they see on TV, Bondurant provides expert lessons in Forza Motorsport Grand Prix Road Racing and Advanced Formula Car Racing. No prior experience is needed for the Grand Prix Road Racing course, making this a great way to start your racing journey! You will learn race theory, skid control, heel-&-toe downshifting, weight transfer, ABS braking, racing etiquette and more. As the most popular course offered by Bondurant, you will build your ability to handle a racecar in a safe environment. Once you’ve completed this Grand Prix course, you can move on to the Formula Car course for even more advanced techniques!

Everyday Driving Skills

Not everyone wants the adrenaline pumping experience afforded by racing, however, and Bondurant also offers driving courses aimed at the everyday commuter. We can often develop bad habits when driving, and Bondurant will trim away at these poor choices while building strong driving skills designed to keep you safe. Accident avoidance and car control are important in both racing and everyday driving; let Bondurant teach you to drive with precision!

Parents will be extra happy to note that Bondurant offers Advanced Teen Driving courses. If your child is about to start driving on their own, don’t you want to know that they have the skills necessary to come home in one piece? Bondurant offers one to three day courses that will give your teen driver all the knowledge and ability they need to steer clear of accidents and build confidence in themselves.

Make Driving Fun Again

Corporate events, one-on-one training—you name it, you can find it at Bondurant Racing School. If you’ve become bored with driving (and really, who hasn’t at some point?) a visit to Bondurant can instill a sense of wonder and excitement again. Visit their location in Chandler, Arizona to get started.

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