Canyoneering Arizona Adventures in Phoenix

Canyoneering Arizona Adventures in Phoenix

April 29, 2019

If you’re in good shape and love the desert and mountains, canyoneering Arizona is the adventure for you. The desert around Phoenix and Scottsdale is perfect for your next adventure. A combination of hiking, rock climbing, jumping, swimming, crawling, sliding and scrambling, canyoneering engages all your physical expertise as you make your way up the mountain, then rappel (and slide) back down. And you get to experience – up close – some of the Sonoran Desert’s most beautiful natural canyons and gorges while you’re on your adventure.

What is Canyoneering?

Canyoneering involves carefully selecting and then finding your way through the many obstacles the desert mountains can have – boulders and rocky terrain, steep inclines and drop offs, streams and deep pools, large gaps and some very tight spaces. This isn’t a gentle morning hike meandering casually along a well-worn desert trail; this is an all-day adventure where you blaze your own trails through the desert, using all your skills and abilities! This is the ultimate desert adventure!

Epic Adventures has the canyoneering tour for your adventurous spirit – exploring the amazing red rock canyons just outside Scottsdale. And, don’t worry about the heat, as you can keep cool as you slide down a natural water slide or rappel into a cool deep pool. With this guided tour, you won’t have to worry about getting lost (or stuck), you can just enjoy your adventure; your guide will be well-informed on the area and current conditions. They will guide your private group on the perfect journey based on fitness levels, how fast and far you want to go and what type of activities you want to include.

How to Start Your Canyoneering Arizona Adventure

All participants must be at least ten years old and everyone must be able to swim short distances (Yes, there is water in the desert!). Your guides will start your adventure with a short safety orientation and hand out your gear. They will also provide bottled water, snacks and lunch. The journey begins at the Epic Adventures’ home base (15525 N 83rd Way, Suite 6 in Scottsdale) at 7:00am, and you’ll be back at by dark.

Book your canyoneering Arizona adventure on their website, or give them a call (1-480-246-7207). The tour cost is $255 for this full day epic adventure. Visit their Facebook page for a look at your next adventure. Get ready to have the best desert adventure of your life and make some great memories! When you are all tuckered out, turn into a Scottsdale villa from Parsons Villas: contact us to book today!

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