Fun Indoor Activities in Scottsdale

Fun Indoor Activities in Scottsdale

August 12, 2020

If you’re lucky enough to be practicing self-isolation in one of our lovely vacation rentals, you’ve already been enjoying the height of comfort. Here are some ideas for a little indoor fun while staying safe at home in beautiful Scottsdale and the Valley of the Sun! Whether it’s just you or if you’re with your family, any of these ideas for indoor Scottsdale activities will work. Be sure to involve the kids, too!

Virtual Fun With These Scottsdale Indoor Activities

Join a virtual book club! Have your kids show you how to use that video app and put the kids to sleep each night with a book read by their grandparents.

Join an artist’s group where you pledge to write/sketch/whatever in a journal each day and then post your entry online. Binge watch “The Joy of Painting,” and then try your hand at a little Bob Ross landscape. Remember, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!”

Watch how-to videos. You don’t have to do something practical, you can try something fun like watercolor, embroidery, woodcarving, or how to play the ukulele or to yodel (those last two activities are best kept in isolation even if you do them well). Begin your day with calming yoga or pick a new cardio routine. And since you’re self-isolating, whatever you decide to try will stay isolated with you. No one will ever know that you really can’t juggle.

Explore museums and art galleries through virtual tours or watch silly videos with the kids. After a few hours of fine art, that video of “Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder” is refreshing!

Real Fun

Grab the kids and do some science with these indoor Scottsdale activities! YouTube has great videos showing how to make a volcano in a glass, make a snow globe, tie-dye eggs or t-shirts using pantry items, or how to make your own sundial to tell time. Channel your inner MacGyver or MythBusters, then try your hand at some of their experiments – just not the ones where they blow things up! You know you want to make a potato clock.

Challenge the kids to a paper airplane making contest. Learn to write with your non-dominate hand. Make your own vodka or cheese – yes you can! Learn to moonwalk or master those Renegade dance moves!

Scottsdale Fun

Whether you end up learning to use a hula-hoop, or something more practical like how to fold those darn fitted sheets, there are plenty of things to do while staying nice and cool indoors in Scottsdale. Stay safe and have fun with these Scottsdale indoor activities! Check out our Airbnb vacation rentals in Scottsdale.

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