Gallery J2

Gallery J2

April 29, 2019

Scottsdale, Arizona is home to a variety of amazing art galleries that showcase incredible local and national talent each week. Rotating exhibits make sure that each artist is given the maximum exposure to an audience who appreciates their hard work. Gallery J2 is one such art gallery that first opened its doors in 2013 and set itself apart from all of the others right away. The western art style is paired with modern pieces of work to help provide a statement of inspiration. Here is what you can find when you visit Gallery J2:

More than Murals

At Gallery J2, you can view the incredible pieces brought to life by aspiring men and women who work tirelessly to share their work. You can view giant murals that stretch out across the wall. When Gallery J2 first opened their doors, one of the most popular pieces was the Sandy Hook Tribute Mural that was created with six colored crayons. Expect the unexpected with different pieces that will move you. In addition to murals, you will find hand crafted sculptures and collages. Art galleries have evolved over the years from just paintings to a multitude of art pieces. Explore the offerings of these unique pieces in person at Gallery J2.

Take Home the Art

In addition to the artwork being set for view, it can also be purchased directly from the artists. Each piece of work is available for private sale so you can support the artist directly. Gallery shows can be focused on a single artist or multiple creators. You can find that perfect souvenir to take home with you by purchasing an expertly created piece of art.

Finding Gallery J2

You can check out the incredible exhibits featured at Gallery J2 at 10345 N Scottsdale Rd. You can call the gallery directly at 602-552-4141 and find out when the next showing will be. Explore the uniqueness of contemporary and modern art at Gallery J2.

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