Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting

Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting

April 29, 2019

Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting

As a museum celebrating firefighters and the equipment they’ve used for three centuries, the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting lives up to its name. Walk through the five exhibit bays and see for yourself what fascinating firefighting tools and equipment were utilized all over the world. This stunning collection was privately owned by George F. Getz Jr. who first opened the museum in Wisconsin before moving it to Phoenix in 1974. Covering almost an acre of fire history, the museum features firefighting apparatuses that date back to 1725. There are also exhibits from France, Japan, Germany, Austria, and England, making this an international acknowledgment of firefighters all over the world.

Vintage Fire Trucks

At one point or another in our childhood, we’ve all wanted to be firefighters. Those brave women and men who display courage in the face of our most mortal fears: fire. But of course, we moved on and our lives took an unexpected turn and here we are: functioning adults who are not firefighters. So for all of us non-firefighters, this museum is a place where we can relive those childhood dreams and get close and personal with our heroes and the tools of their trade. Not only do you get to see vintage fire trucks that were both hand and horse-drawn with their hand-painted decorations, but you also see an old fire engine that was used in England in 1725.

Helmets, Arm Patches and Memorabilia

The museum also has an astonishing number of helmets used by firefighters all over the world in the past three hundred years. There’s a spiked helmet from Germany, another used by the London Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and many others in a magnificent display of diverse designs and artistic styles. And don’t forget to check their collection of arm patches. One thing is clear, firefighters have a refined sense of style as well as bravery.

A Museum for The Whole Family

You can bring your family to the museum and they won’t get bored. Children will have a great time putting on uniforms, climbing into old fire engines, and experiencing what it must be like as a firefighter. And before you leave the museum, don’t forget to visit the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes, a gallery dedicated to the firefighters who have lost their lives while protecting us and keeping us safe. When you’re in Phoenix, make sure to dedicate part of your vacation to visiting the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting.

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