Hiro Sushi AZ

Hiro Sushi AZ

April 29, 2019

Don’t be fooled by the humble strip mall storefront; Hiro Sushi in AZ offers high quality, authentic Japanese eating. You can call Hiro Sushi a mom-and-pop operation, but chiefly because customers and chefs are so loyal to each other. You get worldly food served with all the warmth and conviviality you’d expect from your neighborhood diner.

Fresh & Made to Order

Don’t expect California and Las Vegas rolls that are sushi belt regulars; all sushi at Hiro Sushi is made to order. Favorites include hamachi kama (yellowtail grilled on the outside until crisp) and iwashi (fresh sardines laid over rice).

The menu doesn’t stop at sushi. Hiro’s serves one of the most extensive menus you’ll find at any sushi restaurant. Hiro serves noodles, sashimi, bentos, and more. Finish off the night with deep-fried green tea ice cream.

If you want more than just sushi, Hiro Sushi serves a full lunch and dinner menu. You’ll find side dishes such as hiyayakko (chilled tofu with scallions, grated ginger and dried bonito, which is fermented), smoked skipjack tuna, ginger pork, and sanma shioyaki (grilled and slightly salted pike over rice). Hiro Sushi also serves an extensive list of cold and hot sakes.

Experience the Best Dining Scottsdale Has to Offer

Hiro’s is widely listed by diners as the best sushi restaurant—and one of the best restaurants period—in all of Scottsdale. You’ll be hard pressed to find any bad reviews of this place. Because of its popularity, reservations are recommended for any parties over five. The dining room and sushi bar are frequently full, and lines can even form out the door. Despite the business, visitors say they never feel rushed. True to its legacy, Hiro Sushi in AZ treats all its customers with warmth and patience.

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