Papillon Helicopters

Papillon Helicopters

April 29, 2019

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

The Grand Canyon, one of the 7 Natural Wonders in the World, is only four hours away from your luxurious Parsons Villa vacation rental. Wouldn’t it be a shame to come all this way and miss the opportunity to visit what is arguably one of the most impressive sights in all the world? We live here, and the view of this red rock canyon spreading out for miles in front of us STILL gives us the chills, no matter how many times we visit.

If this is your first visit to the Grand Canyon, we can’t think of any more exciting way to experience the thrill than from the seat of a helicopter, flying over, around, and through this majestic landmark with one of the experienced pilots from Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter as your guide. Offering a variety of tours at a variety of price ranges, your Arizona vacation is guaranteed to the envy of all your friends and neighbors back home—especially once they see the pictures you take from the sky!

Approximately 400 Million Years in the Making

Learn about the history of the Grand Canyon as you soar high above it. The pilots at Papillon aren’t just experienced and safe; they are well versed on the historical facts that make the Grand Canyon such a unique tourist destination. You’ll discover that while it took somewhere between three to six million years to form this breathtaking canyon, many of the rocks found here are estimated to be approximately 400 million years old.

Discover what life must have been like for the Hopi Indians who once made this area their home as you take pictures of the landscape that will take your breath away. Green trees, red rocks, and the cool waters of the Colorado River babbling away far, far below photograph so beautifully, you will feel like a professional photographer when you see the pictures you have taken. Just remember, no selfie-sticks; they can be dangerous in the enclosed space of the Papillon helicopters.

Parsons Villas Holds the Key to Your Exciting Arizona Vacation!

Book your luxurious Parsons Villas vacation home today and discover just how easy it is to make an ordinary vacation become an extraordinary one. Adventure and excitement can be yours with a Papillon Grand Canyon helicopter tour!

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