Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

April 29, 2019

If Arabian horses are your passion, then Scottsdale, AZ must be your favorite destination! The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has been an annual fixture of the city since 1955. The very first show was a hit among breeders and horse owners even though it only had 50 horses. But the show has grown over the years and now it has 2400 horses from all over the world. Held in February of every year at Westworld, the coveted first prize can turn the lucky winning horse into a superstar in this glamorous world.

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show – Largest in the World

Among Arabian horse enthusiasts, this one show is usually referred to as the “Super Bowl of the Arabian world.” It’s not just the number of fine Arabian horses competing, but the prize money exceeds a million dollars. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse show is one of three shows that form the “Arabian Triple Crown.” The other two are the U.S. Nationals and the Canadian National Arabian Championship. And with the attention and crowds of visitors it brings, it is estimated that the city gets about $52 million pumped into the economy every year. And because it is held in February, it is considered an opportunity for many to escape the frigid winter cold to the smiling Arizona sun.

Various Competitions Under ‘Impulsion’

The show consists of different competitions from Dressage and Driving to English Pleasure, Mounted Native Costume, and Western Pleasure. There’s also a youth category that covers all the competitions. The first prize is the internationally esteemed “Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champion” and is given to a mare and a stallion every year. This 11-day event draws thousands of people every year with the numbers of attendees exceeding 320,000 in 2015.

The Arabian Horse Show is a great opportunity to watch the finest horses from around the world.

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