Scottsdale Film Festival

Scottsdale Film Festival

April 29, 2019

Often described as a “desert version of Miami’s South Beach,” Scottsdale is bursting with an exhilarating night life and cultural scene. And, with each passing year, the Scottsdale Film Festival has been adding to the avant-garde culture that is Scottsdale and is one of the most visited Scottsdale festivals.

About the Scottsdale Film Festival

This community-funded event, usually in November, has provided not just the Scottsdale locals, but also visitors, with a wide variety of films for viewing. Founded in 2001, the Scottsdale Film Festival continues to expand and grow, and is truly a “destination event.” Lasting over several days in historic Scottsdale and embracing many film genres, the festival screens many movies that may not be shown in other locations.

With the large number of films screened each year, there will be many films that appeal to every viewer. Past film themes have included: Women Directors, Children’s Animated Shores, Documentaries, ‘Based on Books’, French & Italian Spotlight, and LGBTQ Spotlight. Q&A sessions are scheduled after many of the films for added interest.

Think about becoming a member of the Scottsdale Film Forum and get a few rewards for helping sustain the festival and film in general. There are several different levels of membership, each with its own rewards. Benefits include complimentary tickets to screenings, VIP passes, “Sneak Preview” screenings throughout the year, access to film-related events, and opportunities to purchase tickets before the general public and at reduced prices. Visit the festival’s website for schedules, tickets, membership and more information.

Explore Scottsdale When You Book a Stay With Us

Films provide us with an escape from the mundane occurrences of everyday life. This journey into another world allows us to forget our life and immerse ourselves into another world, if only for a brief time. Visit this lovely city and experience all the Scottsdale festivals, expand your horizons and immerse yourself in many different worlds for a few days.

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