Scottsdale Gun Club

Scottsdale Gun Club

April 29, 2019

An Upscale Shooting Range Experience

Located just a short drive north from Old Town Scottsdale, Scottsdale Gun Club is the ultimate place to go for gun enthusiasts of all types—from veteran marksmen with years of experience to first-timers who want to experience the power of a gun for themselves. Housing a shooting range and a retail store for guns and equipment, as well as rentals, classes, and services for cleaning and repair, Scottsdale Gun Club offers just about anything firearm-related that you can think of.

What Makes the Scottsdale Gun Club Worth the Visit

The highlight of Scottsdale Gun Club is its expansive shooting range, which has the added benefit of being open to the public (though memberships to the Scottsdale Gun Club are available). Consisting of over thirty indoor and air-conditioned shooting lanes housed within four bays, there is enough space here for you and all of your traveling companions to each take your turn firing the awesome power of a gun. Top-of-the-line technology assists in providing an enhanced shooting experience, from sound dampening to touch screen control panels and a programmable rotating target system.

Gun rentals offered at the Scottsdale Gun Club include long guns like rifles and shotguns, handguns, and machine guns. A wide range of training classes are also available from basic pistol classes to defensive classes, rifle cleaning seminars, and intro firearms classes for children. Scottsdale Gun Club also offers an in-house store that carries everything from handguns and shotguns to ammunition, magazines, holsters, and even clothing and accessories.

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