Scottsdale Health and Wellness Journey

Scottsdale Health and Wellness Journey

April 29, 2019

Are you determined to start living better? Or, are you looking for alternate paths for wellness? Scottsdale has a wide variety of spas and studios that can cater to your body’s need for healing. After your journey, you leave less stressed and feeling more invigorated, and you’ll be well on your way to a newer, healthier lifestyle. Here are a few things to enjoy on a Scottsdale health and wellness journey.

Day 1 – Yoga

Start your wellness journey out with a yoga class or two. Yoga reduces the physical effects of stress on your body and encourages relaxation. And there are as many different types of yoga as there are yoga studios in Scottsdale. Local studios include Modern Yoga (480-797-8699) for flow, core flow, gong: sound healing, and yin – deep stretch; Zen Soul Studio for Buti yoga, Vinyasa flow class, hot core, and primal flow; and Sumits Yoga (480-285-8058).

Day 2 – Pilates

Pilates improves your posture, restores physical vitality and improves your balance. Two local Pilates studios are SPY Pilates (480-285-8058) and Re-Barre Studio North Scottsdale (480-699-5120). Grab a mat and start strengthening your core for better balance and flexibility.

Day 3 – Acupuncture

Sticking needles into your body doesn’t sound very relaxing, but it can be. Inserting needles into specific areas of your body can alleviate pain and treat some health conditions. Cosmetic acupuncture is used to reduce the signs of aging and essential acupuncture balances the body. You can get both at Scottsdale Integrative Acupuncture, a mecca of Scottsdale health. They also offer cupping and other modalities, anti-cellulite body sculpting and micro-needling.

Scottsdale Integrative Acupuncture
7147 East Rancho Vista Drive
Scottsdale, AZ

Day 4 – Meditation & Holistic Healing

While you can meditate anywhere, guided meditation will help focus your mind and it can be easier to reap the benefits of meditation: lower stress levels and anxiety, increase positive thinking, reduce insomnia and more. Harumi Yoga+ offers a variety of Yoga, Japanese Medicine, Acupuncture, Sound Healing, Chi Nei Tsang, and Somatic Yoga Therapy and Guided Meditation. Guided meditation can provide a template for self-meditation so you can increase feelings of well-being on your own.

Day 5 – Spa Day

Of course, you may need a little more help to totally relax. So, book a treatment at one of Scottsdale’s many day spas. Try a Hawaiian-themed facial at Hawaiian Experience Spa, or a hot stone massage at Hand & Stone, or try an upgraded Swedish Massage at New Serenity Day Spa. All spas will offer facials, massages and other treatments for a gentle mental and spiritual uplift; it is the epitome of Scottsdale health and wellness.

Day 6 – Nature

Communing with nature has always been an easy way to get some balance back in your life. The sound and rhythm of your footsteps, listening to the wind through the trees (or cacti) – all better than any therapist. Get that meditative high from a hike through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve (480-998-7971). With over 200 miles of trails, there will be a trail to fit your fitness level and you can explore the preserve by foot, bike or horse. Try one of the trails at sunrise or sunset for an unforgettable experience.

Day 7 – Eating Well

Eating well may mean different things to different people. Luckily, there are dining options that let you eat healthy food that tastes great! The Flower Child makes everything from scratch, with fresh local ingredients. Their menu selections are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, with the option to add a protein. And, after a great lunch at The Flower Child, treat yourself to a vegan/plant-based treat from ‘positively frosted’. All their cupcakes, cookies and brownies are baked in their 100% vegan kitchen.

The Flower Child
10460 North 90th Street
Scottsdale, AZ

‘positively frosted’

Experience Scottsdale Health and Wellness in True Comfort

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