Scottsdale Rappelling Adventure

Scottsdale Rappelling Adventure

April 4, 2019

Rappelling is basically just sliding down a rope, although technically, it’s a controlled descent from a height, sliding down an anchored rope, applying friction to control speed. It might sound easy, and it can look easy too. And almost everyone has seen it done – like in every Mission Impossible movie! Are you ready to give rock climbing in Arizona a try? The canyons and cliffs around Scottsdale are waiting for you!

Your Day on the Cliffs

Epic Adventures has a half-day Scottsdale rappelling adventure perfect for you. Their personable, knowledgeable guides will tailor your adventure to fit your experience and fitness levels. And, you’ll be in a private group – just you and a couple of friends or family there, enjoying the fun of learning a new sport together.

Your adventure begins with a short hike through the Sonoran Desert just outside the city and continues on up to the top of a local mountain peak. You can choose a half-day tour in the beautiful McDowell Mountains or the sandstone Papago Buttes. Once at the top of a peak, you’ll start your descent. It will take some skill and a little practice. But don’t worry about that – the knowledgeable guides at Epic Adventures will guide you through the entire process, and make sure you’re completely comfortable with the gear and the idea of leaning back and sliding down the face of the cliff. Soon you’ll be rappelling down the canyon face just like in the movies!

Your guides will start your adventure with a short safety orientation and hand out your gear. They will also provide bottled water and snacks. The journey begins at the Epic Adventures’ home base (15525 N 83rd Way, Suite 6 in Scottsdale) in the early morning and you’ll be back at by dark.

How to Enjoy a Scottsdale Rappelling Adventure

Book your canyoneering adventure on their website, or give them a call (1-480-246-7207). The tour cost is $135 for either Scottsdale rappelling adventure location. There is a two person minimum, and all participants must be at least eight years old. All equipment (including ropes, harnesses, helmets and gloves) is provided. Remember to wear climbing shoes or hiking boots for greater friction against the rocks when you are rock climbing in Arizona. And, don’t forget to bring your camera; you can shoot amazing video of your friends as they rappel down the mountain face!

Be sure to visit Epic Adventure’s Facebook page for a look at your next adventure. Enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains and Scottsdale as you slide your way down the mountain in an easily controlled descent. The best part of hiking up a mountain is coming down! But all this climbing can be exhausting: rest your feet in a Parsons Villas vacation rental! Contact us to book today!

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