Snooze, an AM Eatery in Scottsdale

Snooze, an AM Eatery in Scottsdale

April 29, 2019

Snooze an AM Eatery serves up a very different kind of breakfast—a breakfast with a purpose. Snooze was founded in 2006 in Denver by brothers Jon and Adam Schlegel. The restaurant’s motto is “It only takes a moment to make a difference.” To that end, one percent of sales goes back to the community in the form of a donation of in-kind goods and services. Employees regularly go out into the community to cook pancakes, maintain school gardens, volunteer at food banks, and clean up beaches.

Eco-Forward Thinking

Snooze an AM Eatery in Scottsdale also strives to be environmentally friendly. Snooze composts and recycles close to 90% of its waste. Each month, employees, called Snoozers, learn about a different aspect of living an eco-friendly life. In Colorado, Snooze was recognized by Colorado Environmental Leadership Program Gold Level, Certifiably Green Denver, and Climate Wise for its green efforts.

The Menu

But enough with the green talk. Snooze AM Eatery serves up breakfast classics such as eggs benedict, hashes, and pancakes (there’s a whole menu devoted to them). You can stick with classic buttermilk pancakes or go for something different such as pineapple upside down pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, and blueberry Danish pancakes (buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberry coulis, sweet cream, and almond streusel around a center of lemony cream cheese filling).

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, Snooze an AM Eatery in Scottsdale has a whole menu devoted to health-conscious dishes such as yogurt parfaits, quinoa breakfast bowls, and a lox spread with herbed goat cheese, sun-dried tomato and caper relish, and a hard-boiled egg.

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